Pete Carroll and Terrell Owens Team Up to Prank Entire Seattle Seahawks

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There was a whole lot of punking going down at Seattle Seahawks camp recently. 

Terrell Owens was punked, but then the whole team was pranked and, in some ways, even Pete Carroll got some of it as well. 

The first thing I noticed is that the video doesn't have the strongest start. There is a reason football players hate class time during camp—it's boring. 

Skip to the 1:17 mark, because all you miss is Pete Carroll giving a heart-felt speech about how you need to know your teammate and how it's time to share some heartfelt stories with one another. 

The first one up is T.O. 

He walks to the front and is about to bare his soul when everyone yells as if to say, "You dummy, we don't share our feelings. We're football players! What's a feeling?"

Well, this diva really wants to tell a story, so Carroll lets him. 

He talks about how he was promised the No. 81, but Golden Tate wants $81,000. Owens even claims Tate wants that number because of him, and the crowd roars with laughter. 

Which brings me to how Carroll go the worst of it in the end. He wanted to make an uncomfortable situation and get the rest of the players with his high-brow prank. 

Only, nobody takes Owens seriously. Joke's on you coach. 

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