TNA Hardcore Justice: Preview and Predictions for the Event

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2012

TNA Hardcore Justice: Preview and Predictions for the Event

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    TNA Wrestling and Direct Auto Insurance present Hardcore Justice live, August 12, on pay-per-view!

    Hardcore Justice will take place in Orlando, Fla.

    There are seven matches scheduled for the event. Three of those seven will be championship matches. The World Heavyweight Championship, X-Division Championship and Knockouts Championship will be up for grabs.

    Also, there's three BFG Series matches scheduled for the event. Surely, Hardcore Justice will shake up the rankings in the Bound For Glory Series.

    Tune in to see IMPACT stars such as Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, RVD, James Storm, Brooke Tessmacher, Kenny King, Zema Ion, Robbie E and many more!

Kid Kash and Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

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    It's good to see the likes of Kid Kash, Gunner and Hernandez back on TNA television. And it's all only because of one person: Chavo Guerrero.

    Kash and Gunner, unimpressed by the debut of Chavo Guerrero, have provoked this match. The duo would attack Chavito on his first day in IMPACT Wrestling, thus sending a clear message.

    However, "Super Mex" Hernandez would help Chavo fight off the heavily tattooed team. (How much time and money do you think Kash and Gunner spent on tattoos anyway?)

    All of that brings us to this point. Hardcore Justice. This is only Chavo's second match in a TNA ring, and his first on a TNA pay-per-view.

    With that in mind, I think it's too early in his TNA career to have Chavo lose. I expect he and big Hernandez to have a hard-fought match and come out victorious.

    I feel like this match is almost an unofficial No. 1 contender's match. Look for the winners to use this match as a way of muscling their way onto the No Surrender card to challenge Daniels and Kazarian for those tag-team titles.

    Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher

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    I recently wrote a preview/breakdown of this match. That article can be found here.

    Since revealing a crush on Earl Hebner, Madison Rayne has noticed much more leverage during matches. She's stacked up a good amount of wins, good enough to grant her a championship opportunity.

    Brooke Tessmacher has been riding a wave of momentum ever since Slammiversary X back in June. She's beaten every challenge put in her way.

    This match is an interesting one. In fact, it's one of the more interesting and unpredictable Knockouts matches we've been presented with in a while. 

    If Earl Hebner is referee, it's guaranteed that he'll favor Madison Rayne. If he's not, I'd imagine Tessmacher will get the win. No doubt.

    For storyline purposes, I think Earl Hebner will be referee of this match. We're still too early in Tessmacher's reign and, with Bound For Glory getting closer and closer, it'd be too soon to take the title from her.

    Tessmacher should overcome the odds, something she's no stranger to, and defeat Madison. Yes, even with a crooked referee, somehow.

    Winner: Still Champion, Brooke Tessmacher

    (Another reason I think Tess will retain is because I really, really want to see student vs. teacher, Tara vs. Tessmacher for the Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory.)

X-Division Championship: Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

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    This match all started because of Bobby Roode, if you think about it.

    Roode interfered during their first matchup several weeks ago and cost King the match. The following week, King teamed with Aries to face Bobby Roode and Zema Ion. In that match, Kenny King was able to pick up a clean victory over reigning X-Division Champion, Zema Ion.

    Anyone who's watched him in ROH knows that Kenny King can go. However, like Tessmacher's reign, I think it's too early for Zema to lose the title.

    Zema Ion won the championship last month, and if TNA wanted King as champ, why not have him win the title last month instead of Ion?

    I'm expecting your usual high-flying, X-Division action in this match. I'm also picking Zema Ion to win for the reasons listed above. Will Ion win cleanly? Probably not. He might use some hairspray to win. I'm hoping he does, anyway.

    Zema Ion cheating to win might give Kenny King a rematch down the line. Maybe Sonjay Dutt can get in on the match. Zema would've cheated both guys out of the championship by use of hairspray and together, they could work a good match.

    Winner: Still Champion, Zema Ion

Falls Count Anywhere: RVD vs. Anderson vs. Magnus vs. Pope

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    There's 20 points on the line for all three BFG Series matches at Hardcore Justice. To help my prediction, I'm going to look at the BFGS leaderboard as it currently stands...

    The Pope has seven? I'm actually surprised that he has that much. Magnus has 21, RVD has 35 and Anderson has 40.

    Keep in mind that James Storm currently leads the pack with 66.

    Unless he goes undefeated from here on out in the BFGS, The Pope has no chance of making the final four. Winning here would just slide him ahead of Magnus, who's resting in ninth place.

    Magnus winning would be nice. I'm a fan of his. This win would bring him ahead of Anderson, who's sitting on the edge of the final four.

    RVD winning would be great for him. That'd put him within nine points of Storm. Anderson would be even closer than RVD to Storm if he wins.

    The Pope has been treated as a Bound For Glory Series jobber throughout this whole thing. Magnus has looked fairly strong even in his defeats. As much as I'd like either one to win, I can't see it happening.

    To me, this match is between RVD and Mr. Anderson. There's no clear-cut way of predicting any of these BFG Series matches, so I'll just pick Anderson. Just because.

    Winner: Mr. Anderson

    The final four is where you want to be around No Surrender. Anderson is sitting in fourth; however, there's a 26-point gap between fourth and first. Anderson could use this win to fill the void and make the race for first that much closer.

Tables Match: Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Robbie E

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    This might be the most predictable of the three BFGS matches.

    Robbie E has been a jobber throughout the entire Series. I'm a big Robbie E fan and I don't mind his jobbing. I actually find it entertaining. However, this past Thursday, Robbie E showed the advantage he has in his corner: Rob Terry.

    Rob Terry's involvement in this match should be interesting to watch. You know that he's either A) Putting someone through a table or B) getting put through a table.

    Twenty points wouldn't help Robbie E all that much in this Series. He's 35 points away from just cracking the final four.

    Bully Ray's contract is rumored to expire (full article and details linked). Many people within TNA are also expecting him to be gone from the company very soon. As we've seen on IMPACT, Aces & Eights said that Bully Ray is their next target.

    I think that the Aces & Eights will attack Bully during his match, kick his ass and use it as a way of writing him off of TNA television forever. He's not winning.

    James Storm already has an enormous lead in the BFG Series and does not need to win another 20 points.

    That leaves Jeff Hardy. I think Jeff Hardy will win 20 points here, boost up to 55 total points and make a bee-line straight to the final four just in time for No Surrender.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

Ladder Match: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

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    This has match-of-the-night and match-of-the-year potential. These are four of the best wrestlers in the world today, placed in one match, with multiple ladders. It's going to be great.

    I feel like AJ and Daniels are too wrapped up in Claire's baby business (and too busy attempting to kill each other) to win this match. I'm also expecting to see Kazarian at some point during this match.

    Samoa Joe is in a comfy spot for the BFGS. He's one submission away from taking the lead again. So, he won't need a major 20-point victory like this.

    Kurt Angle, on the other hand, would need 20 points. He has a decent amount (48), but winning here would put him above Storm just by two. That's what I'm expecting to happen.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    With all my BFG Series predictions, here's how the leaderboard would change (if I'm actually correct, for once):

    1) Kurt Angle: 68

    2) James Storm: 66

    3) Mr. Anderson: 60

    4) Jeff Hardy: 55

    5) Samoa Joe: 54

    See? Nice, close race going into No Surrender.

World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

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    This is the big one. Whoever loses does not get a rematch. That makes this match tough to predict, and the No Surrender main event tough to predict. (There's really no main-event guys available to challenge for the title at No Surrender; they're all in the BFGS.)

    I'm hoping Austin Aries retains. He's too hot of a commodity in TNA right now. His popularity has been on the rise ever since winning the X-Division Championship last September. Now he's one of the most popular guys in TNA.

    I think Aries winning is the smart choice. First off, you keep him looking strong. As I said, he's one of the most popular guys on the roster and fans would hate to see him lose here.

    Second reason is because it'll make his victory at Destination X seem pretty pointless. So, he cashes in "Option C," becomes World Champion for a month and then loses? That would make "A Double" and "Option C" look weak.

    My final reason being that it allows for a guaranteed co-main event at Bound For Glory. How so? I'll tell you.

    Austin Aries retaining here means he's going to Bound For Glory (seriously, there's nobody to challenge him for the title at No Surrender). Aries will then face the winner of the BFG Series, be it Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy or someone else.

    There you have your Bound For Glory main event. Austin Aries defending his TNA World Championship against the winner of the BFG Series.

    Also, all the accusations could finally cause "The Cowboy" to snap. He's been accused of being the head honcho of Aces & Eights by everyone he comes in contact with. Who started the accusations?

    His former tag-team partner turned bitter rival, Bobby Roode. After the leader of A&8's is revealed, it'll prove Roode was wrong (or right...Swerve: double turn!) and throw more fuel on an already burning fire.

    Maybe at No Surrender have Bobby Roode screw James Storm out of his BFG Series semifinal match? That'll definitely stir the pot even more.

    OK, I'm going off on a wild tangent here. That was some rant. Back to the match at hand.

    I'm hoping Austin Aries retains, but I'm not 100 percent sure. I have a sneaky feeling that Bobby Roode will somehow leave Hardcore Justice as the World Champion, thus killing any point of my rant.

The End

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    Thanks for reading.

    So, as a quick recap, here's my predicted winners at Hardcore Justice:

    Chavo and Hernandez; Brooke Tessmacher; Zema Ion; Mr. Anderson; Jeff Hardy; Kurt Angle; and, hopefully, Austin Aries.

    If you made it this far into my slideshow, first off, congrats! I would like to invite you to check out for exclusive interviews, articles, podcasts, wallpapers and more!

    Enjoy Hardcore Justice this Sunday.