No Suspension for Chris Pronger?

Harrison LastContributor IMarch 13, 2008

All Islander fans should remember the Ryan Hollweg incident in which Simon got suspended for and also the Ruutu incident in which Simon got suspended...again. Well I was all for both suspensions and hoped that incidents like these would stop, but yet again, last night, Chris Simon was back. But this time in a Ducks uniform and a different name on the back.

A well respected defensemen, perhaps to well respected, Chris Pronger, decided that he was very very angry after he and Vancouvers Ryan Kesler collided. So while Kesler was down on the ice, Pronger decided to step on his leg. VERY SMART CHRIS!

What upsets me the most is that, accidental or not, Pronger WAS NOT suspended. Not even for one game! I mean, the NHL is trying to send a message that they wouldn't tolerate anything like this. As a fan viewing this, I believe that the NHL is saying.. Oh its alright if good players injure other players but if a tough guy who does it, they won't be playing for long.

I feel that it was a mistake not to suspend Pronger and should reconsider before other incidents like these happen more often.

How do you feel about this? 

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