London 2012: Wrestling's Jordan Burroughs Will Dominate Competition

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistAugust 10, 2012

DALLAS, TX - MAY 15:  (EDITOR'S NOTE:  Image has been converted to black and white.) Wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, poses for a portrait during the 2012 Team USA Media Summit on May 15, 2012 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The U.S. has one shot at winning a gold medal in wrestling this year at the London Olympics

Jordan Burroughs.

Burroughs is no average wrestler, and when the men's 74kg freestyle kicks off, look for Burroughs to dominate his competition.

Jordan Burroughs is doing everything right and has become the man everyone wants to beat.

From his wrestling ability to his attitude, Burroughs has all the makings of a gold medalist.  Some may think he comes off as cocky or arrogant, but when you're as good as Burroughs is, it's hard not to.


The Right Attitude

The only thing Jordan Burroughs sees is gold.  With his twitter handle, @alliseeisgold, Burroughs has his eyes on one prize, and that's winning a gold medal.  He might sound cocky, seeming so focused on winning a gold medal, but shouldn't every athlete in the Olympic Games be as focused as Burroughs?

"I feel as if I wrestle my best, there's no one that can beat me in the world. I feel like I'm the best wrestler in the world," Burroughs said over at

He might sound arrogant to some, but Burroughs has the right attitude, especially in the Olympics.

Why would Burroughs believe anything else?

His attitude only helps the sport of wrestling.  Compared to other wrestlers who Burroughs says "are known as blockheads" (via, he has more than enough personality for the entire sport of wrestling.

"I have a lot of charisma, a lot of personality. Pretty good looking," Burroughs said over at "I think I'm good for the sport."

Is Burroughs cocky and arrogant?  Maybe, but this wrestler can back it up.


The Best

Jordan Burroughs is the best wrestler in his weight class. 

He's never lost a freestyle match.

He only lost a collegiate match once in 2009 when he tore his knee ligament.

When he came back from the injury, he would go undefeated.  Burroughs doesn't know how to learn from a defeat, but that doesn't stop him from improving.

Burroughs was quoted over at as saying:

"I’ve learned as much from victories. At this point in my career, I’m the best in the world. It took a lot of work and sacrifice and commitment to get to this point. So I don’t want to lose, and I don’t plan on losing. I haven’t lost in two years, I’m not losing now.”

It wasn't always easy for Burroughs to get to the level where he is now.  2009 was a rough year for the Olympian.  Not only would he tear his knee ligament, his grandfather would pass away, and he would battle through a match where he would end up shattering two of his molars.

"There was a bunch of bits and pieces of teeth in my mouth," Burroughs said over at "I had to go to the side of the mat and spit them out. But if I would have defaulted out of the match, I would have lost. I didn’t want to lose."

Burroughs would go through all of this in the span of three weeks in December of 2009.  There were doubters who believed he would never come back the same, especially after knee surgery, but they just made Burroughs want to be the best even more.

"A lot of people went from saying I was the best guy, pound for pound, in the country to I wouldn’t even win another national title. So I proved everyone wrong." (via

Burroughs wrestles at a high level, and if any competitor at the Olympics wants to even have a shot at beating him, they would need to be on an even higher level, something that just hasn't been seen yet.

Jordan Burroughs is the best, and he proves it every time he steps on the mat.

Look for him to continue dominating in the Olympics and proving not only is he cocky, but he can back it up.