Mark Martin's Final Year Hopes To Have a Happy Ending

Ken minnesota fanContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

If you are a NASCAR fan, you know the name Mark Martin. He is the most beloved man in all of racing. I have been a fan of Mark's from and early age, and I will still be a fan tell the day I die.

One thing Mark Martin is known for, sadly, is not winning at Daytona 500 and most importantly not winning a championship. Mark has been the runner up for the championship for four years (1990, 1994, 1998, 2002). He would have won in 1990, but he was penalized 46 points for using an illegal, non NASCAR approved, car part. Other then that he has only came up a little short.

He almost won at the Daytona 500 two years ago, but lost to Kevin Harvick by a few hundreth's of a second. This year I believed he would have won, but there was a rain delay which led to his former teammate, Matt Kenseth, winning.

As for the Daytona 500, Mark will have to wait next year, but for this years championship, Mark will have to get into gear and race.

He has tough competition, such as, Dale Earnhardt Jr., which has been this decades fan favorite, Kyle Bush, who had a phenomenal year last year, Carl Edwards, who finished seconds last year and was Mark's former teammate, and most importantly Jimmie Johnson, who is looking for a record breaking fourth championship in a row.

Mark is known for being a top 10 finish racer, but I think he will have to do better. Some say just let him win the Daytona 500 and the Championship. Others say he will have to work for it. I say he will win if he races every lap like it is the last won and more.

The choise is his. He knows everyone is routing for him, so he has backup, and he also has heart, courage and the will to win. If he uses all those elements, He will be holding his first (and most likely) last championship.