TNA Impact 08/09/12: What Worked & What Didn't

Lewis NolanCorrespondent IIIAugust 10, 2012

TNA Impact 08/09/12: What Worked & What Didn't

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    Welcome Boys and Girls to yet another edition of What Worked and What Didn't. Another good show this week with not many bad points (and they are really small) and lots of Aces & Eights Tension. Hardcore Justice is one Sunday and if you don't know the card here it is:


    Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries
    AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe
    Jeff Hardy vs James Storm vs Bully Ray vs Robbie E
    Mr. Anderson vs Rob Van Dam vs The Pope vs Magnus
    Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher (champ)
    Kid Kash and Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
    Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

    And Here is the BFG Series Table

    1)    James Storm   66 points    (6-2-2)  10 MATCHES
    2)    Samoa Joe      54 points    (6-2)    8 MATCHES
    3)    Kurt Angle       48 points    (6-4)   10 MATCHES
    4)    Mr. Anderson  40 points    (5-4-1) 10 MATCHES
    5)    Jeff Hardy       35 points    (5-3)    8 MATCHES
           Rob Van Dam 35 points    (5-2)    7 MATCHES
    7)    Daniels           33 points    (5-5)    10 MATCHES
    8)    Bully Ray        28 points    (4-3)    7 MATCHES
    9)    Magnus          21 points     (3-6)    9 MATCHES
    10)  AJ Styles      16 points    (2-3-1)    6 MATCHES
    11)  The Pope      7 points    (1-7)    8 MATCHES
    12)  Robbie E      5 points    (1-8)    9 MATCHES

What Worked

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    Opening Segment - Bully Ray and James Storm both cut great opening promos with some trademark intensity from Storm and gutlessness from Bully Ray. The appearance of Aces & Eights (albeit via video) was great and teased a big ending to the show.

    BFG Series Match: RVD vs. Magnus - Nice opening match between both men. RVD looked crisp tonight which is nice because he has been spotty the last couple of weeks. Magnus is one of the best young talents TNA has and he continues to impress.

    Tag Team Championship Match: Daniels & Kazarian vs. Devon & Garrett Bischoff - Nice little tag match even with Garrett Bischoff making a appearance. Thankfully his ineptitude was evened out by Daniels' brilliance. Devon was good and it's easy to forget that he is a bit of a fan favorite. Kaz was just as solid in the ring as Daniels.

    Robbie E In Ring Segment - The Robbie E character is everything I hate about the Jersey Shore and all the guido idiots, and for that reason it works for me. Robbie E as a wrestler is charismatic as well as a good talker and he showed that tonight. His little mannerisms are great and he is really learning how to work a crowd. Jeff Hardy did a good job with what he was given and Robbie T really looked brutal with the power bomb.

    BFG Series Match: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle - These two are incapable of putting on a bad match. Angle has been the best man in this BFG Series so don't be surprised if he wins on Sunday and AJ is one of the best in the world for a reason.

    Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher - Gail Kim is the best female wrestler in the world. Tessmacher is good but against people like Gail, Tara and Mickie she looks out of her depth. This week she put on as good as a performance as you're going to get out of her; thankfully Gail Kim can drag anyone into a good match.

    Joseph Park Backstage - I love Joseph Park. He is a nice little backstage character and I can't wait for the payoff to his "multiple personality" angle.

    TNA World Title Contract Signing - Normally contract signings have been very boring but Roode and Aries have a magic about them that could make Sunday dinner with the in laws fascinating. The addition of the no rematch stipulation made this contract signing feel like it mattered and wasn't just a cheap trick used to build the main event.

    BFG Series Match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray - Nice brawling match between two of the best brawlers TNA has to offer. The constant looking over their shoulders really worked into the storyline and as soon a Ray picked up the win he went straight back to looking over his shoulder. You really get the idea that Bully truly believes that Storm is behind all this and that is great.

What Didn't

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    I Really Have Nothing So I'm Nitpicking here

    Garrett Bischoff - Let me get through this quick: No charisma, little talent, no mic skills, shoehorned into every show, screws up shoulder blocks and worst of all NO ONE WANTS HIM ON TV!!! (besides his Dad).

    Madison Rayne/Earl Hebner Angle - Remember when Madison Rayne slept with former TNA referee Slick Johnson in order to secure Angelina Love her title. This is the same thing just done in front of us. And the worst part is TNA management has built up a "neutral/we aren't turning a blind eye to stuff" reputation over the last few months that just got destroyed.

Random Thoughts

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    -It's funny how the opening recap shows what I am most looking forward to (Aces & Eights) and what I am least looking forward to (Crackhead Clair). There is a beautiful symmetry about that.

    -Bully Ray starts off the show and all I can think is please god TNA get him under contract. I was upset about Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (although less so about Velvet) but I will be outright pissed off if TNA let Bully get away.

    -On another note "Calf-zilla" leader of the "Bully Nation" just got on his "fire breathin' twitta machine."

    -Aces & Eights are apparently a full-on motorcycle club.

    -Hernandez was part of the Bound For Glory promotional video while everyone else were either main eventers or big names in wrestling. Looks like he may be getting a big push.

    -Wait a minute. Mike Tenay just said Mr Anderson only has one singles match left in the BFG series, does that mean that everyone is going to get the same amount of matches?

    -Garrett Bischoff and Devon are the impressive new tag team? Are we that desperate? Who did they beat to get this shot? Who has either man beaten in the last month? And what happened to Hogan's "no man can hold more than one title" rule?

    -Daniels and Kaz actually requested to be called "The World Tag Team Champions of the World."  Brilliant.

    -Garrett Bischoff just screwed up a shoulder block.

    -Samoa Joe just cut a really simple and effective promo. That was unexpected.

    -How good has Kurt Angle been lately?

    -Crackhead Clair was diluted tonight and she went back to the love sick stalker side of her that I can actually stand.

    -Aces & Eights deliver another promo and it was another guy doing the talking.

    -One day Gail Kim is going to do that shoulder charge in the corner and when she swings out through the ropes she is going to collect a cameraman.

    -I love Miss Tessmacher's booty pop stinkface but I don't think it should be used when she is the champion and the symbol of the division.

    -No rematch for the championship? I like it.

    -If Bubba Ray has been renamed Bully Ray why hasn't the Bubba Bomb be renamed the Bully Bomb?