Virginia Tech Football: Why Logan Thomas Should Not Be Compared to Cam Newton

Bryan Manning@bdmanning4Featured ColumnistAugust 10, 2012

Virginia Tech Football: Why Logan Thomas Should Not Be Compared to Cam Newton

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    In 2010, Cam Newton produced one of the best individual seasons in recent college football history.

    Not only did Newton lead his Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season and national championship, he also won the Heisman Trophy.

    So naturally anytime a player comes along with similar size and skills, he will now be compared to Newton. 

    The latest "next Cam Newton?" Virginia Tech junior quarterback Logan Thomas.

    Sure, there are similarities, at least physically. Newton stands 6'5" and weighs 250 pounds, while Thomas is 6'6", 262 pounds. 

    The comparisons of Thomas to Newton are a bit premature, and here are four reasons why.

Similar Size, Different Styles

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    Both players are essentially the same size and each are outstanding athletes.

    Thomas actually came to Virginia Tech as one of the top tight end prospects in the country. Playing quarterback was something Hokies coaches had to convince Thomas to do.

    But, although Thomas is a fantastic athlete. Newton is faster and quicker.

    When they run, Newton, like Thomas will run over defenders. Newton can also outrun most defenders and possesses some shake-and-bake in his game.

    Thomas can outrun some defenders, but he prefers to bowl over the opposition. 

    It is too early to compare the two as passers. 

Different Offensive Scheme

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    It is difficult to compare players when they are asked to do different things.

    When Newton was at Auburn, he was the team's running game. In his only season there, Newton rushed for 1,473 yards and 20 touchdowns. He averaged 5.5 yards-per-carry. 

    Thomas rushed for 469 yards last season but scored 11 touchdowns.

    Virginia Tech's offense is geared to the power-running game and many of Thomas' runs were designed quarterback sneaks.

    The Hokies will probably employ Thomas in the run game in 2012 much like they did last season. However, don't look for many option plays from Thomas the way Auburn did with Newton.  


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    As it relates to personality, these two couldn't be any more different.

    While both are seen as tremendous teammates, Newton is more likely to get on a teammate for a mistake. 

    Thomas is the polar opposite. He is a much more reserved individual who will encourage teammates rather than point out their mistakes.

    Newton is much flashier on the field and off the field as well.

There Is Only One Cam Newton

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    All you have to do is go back and watch Newton in his first year in the NFL.

    He did things at the quarterback position that no other rookie in history had ever done. 

    Newton threw for 4,051 yards while rushing for 706 yards and an astounding 14 touchdowns. His 14 rushing touchdowns were an NFL record for a quarterback also a rookie record. 

    Logan Thomas could conceivably be a future No. 1 overall pick, but comparing him to Newton is unfair at this juncture. 

    Newton has already done things many thought they'd never see. And he's just getting started.

    But Thomas is pretty good, too. Just watch and see.