Second City's Parody Ryan Lochte Gatorade Commercial Is Painfully Hilarious

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 9, 2012

The real Ryan Lochte may be a great sponsor, selling millions of dollars of products, but the fake Ryan Lochte is atrocious. 

Second City presents the Gatorade commercial that immediately hit the cutting room floor, and it's hilarious. 

We wouldn't expect anything less from Second City, but this is truly spot on when it comes to how people perceive Lochte after a middling Olympics where things he said out of the pool caused more of a stir than anything he did in it. 

Let's recap. In the span of a couple weeks, Lochte has had an interview mashup come out that did not paint him in the most intellectual light, admitted to peeing in a pool and allegedly received multiple offers for a reality-TV series. 

The man is not being received as a brain surgeon athlete, more of a bro with little to say. And that's where this video comes in. 

It's a fight to the bitter end between the director off camera and "Ryan Lochte" who just can't take direction thanks to all the wonderful things that must be going on in his head. 

In the end, Lochte wins this race. 

The director loses his mind with every last frustrating gaffe from his superstar swimmer, who gets the very last laugh with his shiny grill. 


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