WWE: Christian Can't Cage The All American American Jack Swagger On ECW

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2009

Well, did you think he was going to win the title on his first shot on free television?

The absolute certainty that the title wouldn't change hands was about the only thing that kept this match from being spectacular. It was the best wrestling match I've seen on TV in the last couple of months. 

WWE maybe actually proving wise by having Swagger work with Christian.  I felt like Swagger raised his game with Matt Hardy, but from what I've seen, he looks even better with Christian.

It'll be interesting to see where they're going with this. Although it would please "The Peeps," I think it would be unwise to fizzle Swagger's heat by giving this strap to Christian, unless they have bigger plans for it.

I think the best case may be to allow Christian to get the title, and then lose it to Swagger at Wrestlemania, before being drafted to a different brand when the the time comes. 

Forget about me though...Where do you think they should go with this storyline?