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We all go through phases in life, a common one is trying to get in shape. Whether going for a run, swimming at the YMCA, or hitting the gym, we all have taken a shot at six-pack abs once in our lives. Sometimes though, these aspirations go awry. People take a simple healthy lifestyle choice and turn it into an obsession. The following is a list of athletes who have gotten too ripped.

No list about people getting too big would be complete without juicers! Enter Jose Canseco.

The impressive thing about Canseco is not that he got so big in his prime, many athletes did that, it’s that he’s still at it! Playing minor league baseball and attempting to box other stars, Canseco is a poster child for what this list is all about.

Next up? Another juicer! Barry Bonds is a prime example of steroid use. Don’t believe us? Google a picture of him from when he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Take your time. Done? Okay, now Google a picture of him with San Francisco Giants. We rest our case!

Redskins Safety Laron Landry loves being too big! He loves it so much, he tweeted photos of himself in the gym, illustrating how insanely large he’s gotten. Like seriously, less weightlifting, more football practice.

What list like this would be complete without a Boxing Champion? Albeit an imaginary one, Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, was pretty ripped throughout his career. Check out Rocky III for a reference. Like Canseco, he’s still at it. Sly still looks incredibly ripped; he’s as big as ever!

Speaking of Rocky III, how about Hulk Hogan? The man who made a career on the size of his biceps is a shoe-in on this list. Think about it, everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is, everyone!

Texans Linebacker Brian Cushing is an easy pick. Having failed a drug test 2010 with a substance in him that masks testosterone levels, Cushing is an easy pick for this list.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know below!

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