Friday Night Smackdown Preview: Matt Hardy Vs. Jeff Hardy/Brother Vs. Brother

Jack RyderContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

In an emotional match this Friday Jeff Hardy will try to get a little payback when Jeff fights his older brother Matt Hardy.

The rivalry started at the Royal Rumble, earlier that night Matt Hardy lost his ECW world championship to the young self-proclaimed "All American" Jack Swagger.

Later on that night at the Royal Rumble Jeff Hardy defended his WWE championship agianst Edge in a no DQ match. 

The two had a great battle then Matt came to the ring which seemed that Matt was going to help Jeff.

At first Matt did until he was going to hit Edge in the head with a steel chair but ended up hitting Jeff Hardy ending his short reign as champ.

Then last friday Jeff wanted a world heavywieght championship  match agianst Edge. Jeff ended up fighting Edge in a non-title match.

The two went at it for a good couple of minutes then Matt Hardy intervened, hitting his brother Jeff with a twist of fate.