Rick Reilly: Can We Please Get Him Off TV?

Tony ArnoldineCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2009

I know the guy is a great writer—I actually enjoy his writing very much.

But he is just not meant to be on television. He makes Emmitt Smith seem eloquent.

I'm watching him right now on ESPN, doing one of their annual February shticks, "Mt. Rushmore's of Sports." His corny 1980's jokes and lack of knowing what to do with his hands are making me think I'm in a freshman level public speaking class again.

Sure, I can't blame it all on Reilly. ESPN has to somehow justify paying him $2 million a year to write an article once a week, so they stick him on the air every once in a while.

And maybe I'm just bitter because he doesn't like bloggers because they, you know, comment on sports. Wait a minute, Rick! Isn't that what you do?

(Image courtesy Jarts.com)