Anna Kournikova Still Maintains Sexy Swagger in New Photo Shoot

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 9, 2012

Photo Credit: S Moda Magazine
Photo Credit: S Moda Magazine

Please don't worry, because Anna Kournikova is doing just fine. 

Judging by her latest photo shoot, she is doing just fine indeed. Sportress of Blogitude spotted some mighty fine pictures and corresponding video of the former tennis star strutting her stuff. 

The swath of sexy stuff comes from a shoot the 31-year-old did with S Moda Magazine, and it proves the great Kournikova hasn't missed a beat. 

At least when it comes to the model portion of this woman's career. 

While Kournikova left competitive tennis years ago, she has been known to appear in exhibitions from time to time. 

The odd part is the stigma her career has with other athletes. 

Recently, Lolo Jones was taken to task for being the Kournikova of track and field. The label enraged Jones to no end, causing her to break down on the TODAY show

Kournikova may always be known more for what she gave in front of a camera rather than anything she accomplished on the court. 

For some athletes, that might be a travesty. 

That has never seemed to bother Kournikova, and that's rather remarkable. The key is not to let others dictate who you are with labels. Just live the life you want to live. 

Kournikova continues to do just that, in the beautiful way only she can. Don't worry about her, because Kournikova still has this one. 

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