Roy Jones Relives His Controversial Olympic Experience

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Roy Jones Relives His Controversial Olympic Experience
Russell Cheyne/Getty Images

Before he won multiple world titles in four weight classes from middleweight to heavyweight, Roy Jones Jr. was an Olympian. He was voted the most outstanding boxer at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, but was denied a gold medal when, in the final, he lost a decision to his South Korean opponent that was almost universally considered not just mistaken, but positively larcenous. Despite that, Roy looks back on his Olympic experience at just 19 years of age in a positive light, as he explained in a phone conversation this week. Every guy is different, but an Olympic Games is such an immense event. When you went there you were so young, and a lot of the guys in London right now are really young. Can you give a sense of what these guys are going through and how eye-popping it must be to be there?

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