4 Biggest Takeaways from 2012 Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2012

4 Biggest Takeaways from 2012 Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

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    Another Eagles training camp is in the books and much has already been revealed about the 2012 Eagles. It's true that nothing can truly show what a team is like except for regular season play, but training camp is popular because it allows fans to get a glimpse of the team before it officially takes the field. 

    The success of a team cannot be predicted, but one can predict with reasonable accuracy the specifics of the team, which may be indicative of the team's future success. Here are four takeaways from the 2012 Eagles training camp.

1. The Eagles Will Have a Formidable Secondary

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    The entire secondary looks like it has improved in 2012, when compared to it in 2011. Nnamdi Asomugha has looked more comfortable out there and, most notably, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is resembling his former-Pro Bowl self more. Kurt Coleman too has improved greatly in his coverage abilities.

    The secondary also seems to have grasped the overall defensive schemes better. Juan Castillo's defense finally seems to be sinking in to his Eagles squad. The secondary will live up to its potential more in 2012 and be much improved.

2. Michael Vick Will Continue to Throw Interceptions

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    First off, I should say that Vick will probably improve from last season. He will not fumble nearly as much as he did in 2011. But he will still throw interceptions. He has already thrown many in training camp.

    True, it was against Nnamdi Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie, but Vick also knows their tendencies as well as they know his. Some quarterbacks are just more turnover-prone than others. Brett Favre and Jay Cutler come to mind. It does not mean that they are not effective or great players, it just means that they take more chances when seeking big plays. 

    For the sake of the Eagles, however, let's hope that Vick keeps his interceptions below 15 next season.

3. The Eagles Trust Their Quarterback Situation

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    The Eagles could have went out and signed a veteran, such as Jason Campbell, to back up Vick's seemingly inevitable injury. But they stuck with Mike Kafka and Nick Foles as the second and third-string quarterbacks, as well as Trent Edwards, who seems all but certain to get cut.

    Kafka has question marks all over him, most notably on his arm strength. But the Eagles seem to trust that his mastery of the offense and his football IQ will lead the Eagles to a few wins in Vick's absence. The decision to stick with Kafka may also show the team's belief in Vick's ability to stay healthy.

    Overall, the team's reluctance to sign a more experienced veteran (with more in the tank than Edwards) shows that the team is comfortable with their quarterbacks, at least for 2012.

4. Depth Will Not Be a Concern

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    Last season, it seemed as if the Eagles were "all-in." Now, it appears as if the team is not only in contention but also building for the future. They re-signed all of their key players and also had a very good draft. Their 2012 draft picks have mostly been playing well, and most of them should make the roster.

    In 2011, the loss of Stewart Bradley seemed to doom the Eagles season, as there was virtually no depth behind him at linebacker. This season, the Eagles have not only improved the linebacker corps, but the entire roster seems stacked with more depth and young talent than ever.

    The team is not just "all-in" with big-name players, but it is also prepared for possible injuries and for the long-term future. Teams like these are usually in contention. Let's hope that is the case for the 2012 Eagles.