3 Ways Randy Moss Can Make a Huge Impact for 49ers in 2012

Phil G@FuturePhilGCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2012

3 Ways Randy Moss Can Make a Huge Impact for 49ers in 2012

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    Randy Moss donning a San Francisco 49ers Jersey? What was once considered an unlikely prospect has now become the official 'it' story of training camp for the 49ers. 

    While Moss is likely headed to Canton, his past behavior outside the metrics of football have bay area fans a little worried. His on the field production has never been in question but Moss has played the role of 'diva' one time too many.  

    What can we expect from the wily veteran? Will the Patriots or Titans version of Moss show up? While I don't call myself a critic of this move, Moss will not break records as a 49er—though I doubt Moss could play any worse than his short days in Tennessee. 

    We'll likely see a combination of the two. Moss may not impact the game from a statistical standpoint, but make no mistake, Moss will leave an imprint on this team one way or the other. 

Speed Will Alter Defenses

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    In his illustrious career, Moss has proven to be one of the best deep threats in football. At age 35, has Moss slowed down? Definitely, but I don't expect a huge drop-off from the veteran receiver. 

    Terrell Owens, at the age of 38, reportedly ran a 4.45 in a Seahawks tryout, leading to a contract for the oft-criticzied receiver (via ESPN).

    Old age, in football terms, doesn't always mean a decrease in speed—especially for players like Owens and Moss who regularly work out and stay fit. 

    If Moss is half the player he once was, his speed should alter opposing defensive schemes. The 49ers lack deep-threat speed at the receiver position, with the exception of Ted Ginn Jr., so Moss's arrival should help in this area of weakness.   

    Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis and Frank Gore should all benefit from the presence of Moss. His ability to take the top off a defense will pay huge dividends in the long run. 

High IQ

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    Despite Moss's diva antics, no has ever questioned the veteran's intelligence in terms of football IQ.

    Moss gets it, and his presence could help a 49ers receiving unit that underachieved last season. 

    If Moss underachieves this season with the 49ers, the blame will fall on his game, not his ability or lack thereof to learn the playbook.

    It will mean Moss has likely reached the conclusion of his career. 

Red Zone Efficiency

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    The 49ers were one of the worst offenders in terms of red-zone efficiency. Their struggles in the red zone can be attributed to several factors, and a presence like Moss should definitely help. 

    At 6'4'', Moss could command double teams if deemed a threat. More teams are incorporating fade routes as they add bigger receivers through the draft and free agency. 

    Braylon Edwards was once destined to be the 49ers go-to threat in the red zone, but his injury woes prevented a long-term future in San Fran. If Moss can stay healthy, look for Harbaugh to incorporate Moss in red-zone plays this season. 

    We all know Moss has the ability to jump out of a gym, but are the old legs as spry as they used to be? We'll just have to find out.