Video: American Kickboxing Academy Says No to B.J. Penn

Jeremy BotterMMA Senior WriterAugust 8, 2012

B.J. Penn wanted to return to American Kickboxing Academy for a portion of his camp for his now-postponed fight against Rory MacDonald.

After getting the go-ahead from AKA coach Javier Mendez, Penn's plans were quickly shot down when Jon Fitch told Mendez he didn't want any part of the idea. Fitch felt it was a bad idea because there was unfinished business between he and Penn after they fought to a controversial draw back at UFC 127.

Bleacher Report's Rick Lee recently traveled to AKA to discuss the controversy with Mendez and Fitch. 

"We didn't see any value in it. We didn't see any value in him coming to train here. If he comes here, he's coming to have a training camp," Fitch told Bleacher Report. "He's not coming here to help anybody. He wouldn't give back to us the way we would give back to him."

Check out the exclusive comments in the above video. For more on the cast of characters that make up the American Kickboxing Academy, be sure to check out the new show Fight Factory, debuting August 15 on nuvoTV. 

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