Kevin Nash Backlash: Chavo Classic and Roddy Piper Fire Back at Big Sexy

Gone Baby GoneContributerAugust 8, 2012


First, Chris Jericho tweeted in defense of his fallen comrades and the sport in general.

Now, two Legends have jumped aboard in an attempt to put Kevin Nash in his place. In case you are unaware of the back story, you can (click here) and get up to speed.

Here are The Hot Rod's and Chavo Classic's comments.







Ultimately, Nash's attempt at grabbing a headline may have resulted in a loss of respect from his peers.

Overall, Nash had a solid career and up to this point, his legacy was pretty intact. Granted, he didn't fair too well as WWE champion, but his WCW years can barely be contested. I personally could care less about "Big Sexy"—he seems a bit too cocky for a guy that's holding on to the past.

Sadly, it appears he is content trying to get back in the ring, all the while pretending that he doesn't care about the business that made him. In the end, Nash left a huge mark in wrestling history and will go down as not only a founding nWo member, but being one of the forefathers of the Attitude Era.

Hopefully, he can step back, take a look at his peers and apologize to them. As for us fans, he owes us nothing, as he has already given us his hard work, time and memories of an era that has since past.