5 Athletes Who Possibly Could Be Aliens

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5 Athletes Who Possibly Could Be Aliens

This week NASA landed their latest space rover, a compact car-sized device called Curiosity, on Mars.

To say this intergalactic achievement is out-of-this-world would be an understatement.

Technology in the right hands can be mind-blowing. For instance, NASA can send a vehicle, 325 million miles into the heavens and park it on a distance planet, without even leaving a scratch, yet Lindsay Lohan can’t make it home without causing a wreck? 

Go figure.

But do we really need to scour the cosmos, spending billions of dollars, looking for signs of life when many of these bizarre, extraterrestrial-like creatures already preside in a world we all know and love—the world of sports?

Over the years professional sports has been filled with athletes that are truly “out-of-this-world.”

Need proof?

Here are five that continue to live among us.

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