Manchester United Transfer News: Red Devils Will Be Fine Without Lucas Moura

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 8, 2012

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Manchester United has reportedly been interested in Brazilian Sao Paulo midfielder Lucas Moura for quite some time, and despite the fact that the Red Devils were unable to reel him in, the defending English Premier League runners-up will be just fine moving forward.

According to Mirror Football, Moura has agreed to what has been called a record four-and-a-half year deal with Paris Saint-Germain of Ligue 1. It has long been known that the Red Devils were keen on acquiring Moura's services, but a breakdown in negotiations has led him to France rather than the EPL.

The 19-year-old attacking midfielder has looked absolutely fantastic in the lower-level Brazilian league and has a very bright future, but Man U is more about results in the present than anything. I highly doubt that Moura would have been an instant starter and top contributor in the EPL this year, so the Red Devils won't really regret the loss until further down the road.

Manchester United tied in points with Manchester City last season and lost the EPL title due to an epic, last-minute comeback by the Citizens on the last day of the season, so to say that the Red Devils needed Moura would be erroneous. 

It's always nice to nab a potential future star, but Manchester United is a highly-desired location for players across the world and the Red Devils will have plenty of opportunities to better themselves before Moura reaches his full potential. The midfield remains a bit of a weak area, but as I mentioned previously, that isn't something that Moura would have solved right away.

The Red Devils have enough in the form of Luis Carlos Nani and Ryan Giggs for now in the midfield, as well as several excellent attackers such as Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young and Danny Welbeck. A talent infusion will likely be needed next offseason, perhaps in the form of Robin van Persie, but Man U will be plenty good enough to compete with the likes of City and Arsenal in 2012/13.

On a side note, at least Moura didn't go to a club that is going to burn Manchester United in the future. Perhaps they could meet PSG in the Champions League at some point, but losing Moura would have been much more devastating had he ended up with City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or one of the other perennial EPL powers.

Moura has all the makings of a superstar and he may become precisely that, but fans are forgetting that such development takes time. In fact, by the time Moura has reached his full potential, he may very well be available via a transfer or as a free agent, and then Manchester United can make its move.

Man U is never really out of the race on any player, so don't be surprised if Moura has red and white in his future. Not getting him now stings because of what he could become, but it won't have much of an effect on the Red Devils for now.

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