Don't Stop Believing

Jessica CullatherContributor IFebruary 24, 2009


The All-Star break has passed.

The trade deadline has come and gone.

The second half of a tumorous NBA season begins with everything staying the same for the Mavericks. Drama free, for once.

A true fan has to believe the Mavs have their best interest at heart. There has almost always been a structural reorganization from the Mavs, or at least a little bit of tweaking.

Is this the team they want us to believe in? The team with no need to change?


Dirk has been named MVP-worthy. Josh has been showing improvement—or at least, has been playing as someone who doesn't want to be traded. Dampier has been participating in dunks, something rarely seen.

Is this the same team that went 3-7 the first 10 games of the season? Who are these guys?

Give credit to whomever you like—Carslile, Kidd, or even Cuban. This team is quickly climbing up the ranks of the West and gaining interest throughout the NBA. Dallas is gaining speed during time when any team needs it the most—the second half of the season.

The Mavs know you'll be doubting them. They also know there's no need for change in Dallas. They're doing just fine, thank you very much…and they're out to prove it.