UFC: Samy Schiavo vs. Clay Guida

anyaa carterContributor IMarch 13, 2008

This is a interesting fight because one guy loves to bang and the other wants to take it to the ground and pound out the win.

Samy Schiavo is from the French Top Team and has decent all around skills. He has three impressive KOs of forty seconds or less in a row. He definitely presents a problem on the feet for Guida.

Guida on the other hand is a cardio machine, who has had tough fights in the lightweight division. He’s 2-3 in the UFC against the likes of Huerta,Griffin,Din Thomas, and Marcus Aurelio. In his last fight, he was up two rounds on Huerta before Huerta came out and willed his way to the impressive submission win. That loss knocked Clay right back down the long totem pole of lightweight contenders.

Clay needs this win while Samy is just starting his four fight contract with the UFC. I’ve always admired Clay for taking the tough fights in his career. The UFC is finally giving him a chance to pick up a win against a unknown in the US.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this went down to a decision with Guida winning. I just hope Samy has trained his cardio to keep up with Guida.