To Kill a MOCKing Draft

anthony angillettaContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

This is my first article, so I'll keep it short and bitter. 

I've been apart of the "fantasy" world for about seven or eight years now. Besides the actual managing of the team, my favorite part of fantasy has always been Draft Day. That hour or so where your team is built from the ground up is what sets the basis for that whole season. 

Yes, great trades and waiver watching is a huge help, but a bad draft can cripple a team from the very beginning. 

In the very recent years, "Mock Drafts" have been apart of the fantasy world. These drafts are there for players to practice drafting before your leagues actual draft. These practice drafts can be done countless times to see how your team would fair when drafting from different positions.

This is where the bitterness comes into play.

There is one problem however, that occurs every time I've been in a Mock Draft, and personally, it makes me wanna do things that are frowned upon by society. This problem I speak of, is people who join a draft and then leave.

At least two or three people in every draft I've been apart of either never show up after "joining", or enter, don't like the draft spot they have, and leave. This may not bother some people, but for others like myself, its really annoying and frustrating. 

Auto-Pick is NO substitute for an actual person making decisions. It ruins a draft and makes the results inconclusive. I know that there isn't much that a website can do from preventing this from happening, and to be honest, I don't expect them to. 

That said, why can't people grow up just a little bit, and be considerate of the other people who are taking the time to do a Mock Draft.

That's just my $.02.