Tennessee Football: Tyler Bray's Boating Charge Shouldn't Alter Perception of QB

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterAugust 8, 2012

Tennessee QB Tyler Bray
Tennessee QB Tyler BraySam Greenwood/Getty Images

Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray is back in the news. 

The junior signal-caller for the Vols appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of reckless boating charges stemming from a July 4 incident on a personal watercraft (PWC), according to the Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel.

According to the report, Bray was seen "hot dogging" on a Jet Ski by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer Dewayne Williams. Williams went on to say that it looked like Bray was "playing chicken" with another Jet Ski and then sprayed its occupants with water after they tipped over.

This comes on the heels of the report that Bray was involved in an incident in late July where he threw beer bottles and golf balls on parked cars from the balcony of an apartment complex.

The beer bottle incident had many questioning Bray's maturity, but the news that he was "hot dogging" on a Jet Ski shouldn't illicit that kind of response.

Basically, he was charged with "having fun."

Don't get me wrong—boating safety is very important, and he should know better. Hopefully, this citation will teach him what appropriate boating safety is and where the line should be drawn.

But be honest, how many other young adults on Jet Skis do the same thing every day of the week?

A lot.

If you want to question Bray's maturity for the beer bottle incident, by all means do so. That probably wasn't his finest moment.

However, don't knock him for having fun on a Jet Ski on July 4. As long as he learned his lesson from the incident, move on.