Jericho-Hogan at Wrestlemania XXV?

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2009

I have nothing to back this up with, but it seems that everything is pointing to a Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan matchup at Wrestlemania XXV.

It’s obvious Mickey Rourke will not be wrestling Jericho. Ric Flair is retired and both Ricky Steamboat and Roddy Piper are in no shape to make a memorable match at Wrestlemania XXV.

The possibility of Steve Austin wrestling is very slim. Thus, I really don’t see anyone who is capable enough to wrestle Jericho according to his current storyline. The only big name I can think of is Hulk Hogan.

If this happens, Rourke could be on Hogan`s corner. There will be "special guests" like Flair, Steamboat, and Piper sitting the front row.

Austin could be the "special referee" for the match. Jericho would probably lose that match, but it would be great to watch after all the heel heat he is getting. Austin as the referee would give Jericho him a “stunner” setting up Hogan’s win.

A Wrestlemania XXV card with Jericho vs. Hogan, Undertaker vs. HBK, John Cena vs. Edge, HHH vs. Randy Orton, Money in the Bank, Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus, MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin, and Carlito and Primo Colon vs. Miz and Morrison would be astounding.

Add in a pair of lower card matches for the women’s and ECW title and you got yourself an impressive Wrestlemania XXV card.