4 Keys to a Green Bay Packers' Return to Super Bowl

Siobhan WeathersContributor IIAugust 8, 2012

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Ring/ taken from bleacherreport.com (getty images)
Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Ring/ taken from bleacherreport.com (getty images)Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

What all do the Green Bay Packers need to do in order to make an appearance in the Super Bowl this year? 

Well, according to an article by Mike Freeman on cbssports.com, staying out of trouble with the law is one of the key elements for the Packers to have a successful season. Freeman said that the Packers are a team that manage to keep their players off of police radar, so this really shouldn't be a problem. 

From January to June of 2012, at least 23 NFL players have been arrested, according to the NFL Arrests Database on utsandiego.com. None of which were Green Bay players. More than half of the charges against these players were either DUI or possession and/or trafficking of marijuana. 

For a team looking to return to another Super Bowl, there is no room for players to get distracted. 

Another key for Green Bay's return to the Super Bowl is to help the rookies blend in with the team. Also according to cbssports.com, there are 31 new players on the team and Aaron Rodgers was quoted saying, "We're going to have to figure out what a lot of these guys do best." 

According to ESPN.com, a concern of the team is that there are so many new young guns. This could be both a strength and a weakness. Some of these young ones could be a great assets for the Packers' pass defense. However, that does not change the fact that they are still young and inexperienced in the big league. 

It is important that these newbies keep focused and stay out of situations like Jacksonville's rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon's, because they are being heavily relied upon for this upcoming season. Blackmon was drafted in the first round this year and was arrested for DUI in June. 

A third key for Green Bay is to improve their defense. In Kevin Seifert's article "Camp Confidential: Green Bay Packers," he mentioned the "poor tackling" against the New York Giants in the 2012 Playoffs, which in turn led to a loss and the ticket to the Giants' Super Bowl victory.

Seifert reported that the Packers have spent a great amount of time working on tackling drills and it is something that is talked about on a regular basis. 

The fourth important key is the MVP quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Andy Benoit of the New York Times reported that Rodgers is pretty much unstoppable. "He does not just have great accuracy, he has great precision accuracy," said Benoit. Rodgers' leadership will also play a big role in the success of the team. 

There are tons of other things Green Bay needs to do in order to ensure they get a ticket to Super Bowl XLVII (47). These are just some of the more important issues the Packers need to pay special attention to for the 2012 season.