WWE: 5 Legendary Wrestlers That Would Make Great Managers

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IIAugust 11, 2012

WWE: 5 Legendary Wrestlers That Would Make Great Managers

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    A.W. was just starting to gain a little momentum when a controversial comment about the alleged rape by Kobe Bryant on a woman in Colorado years ago was blurted out live on Raw. He was released by WWE yesterday.

    Just as they seem to be coming back on the scene, WWE releases one of the only managers they have.

    There are many wrestling legends that get forced out of WWE due to the fact that they can no longer compete at the level they used to. With the current infusion of successful managers like A.W. and Vickie Guerrero, it made me think about how some of these major names from wrestling past could make great managers and help groom the next generation of superstars.

    Ric Flair was a perfect example of a guy this worked completely for. When Flair became the manager of Triple H, he was still in wrestling shape and could wrestle if need be. However, he was utilized in a way where he could help put the focus on the top heel in all of WWE at the time. Flair was also instrumental in the careers of Batista and Randy Orton.

    Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was a professional wrestler that suffered a neck injury that kept him out of the ring. He went on to become one of the greatest managers of all time.

    There is a large list of wrestlers that WWE does keep in touch with due to their Hall of Fame inductions or legend contracts. Most of these old school superstars can pick up a microphone and cut a promo better than half the superstars on the current roster. In fact, the wiley veterans of the past could help get many young talents over with the WWE Universe.

    This is a list of five legendary wrestlers that should become managers and help the future of the business.

"The Enforcer" Arn Anderson

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    It has been a major surprise to me over the years that WWE has not used Arn Anderson as an on-air character. During the vast history of professional wrestling, there have not been many wrestlers that have been able to cut a better promo.

    He gave The Four Horsemen their name on accident. He is the type of guy that any young wrestler should watch talk.

    With that being said, Arn Anderson would be able to do wonders for wrestlers that have trouble behind the microphone. With his overwhelming knowledge of the business and toughness, he would make a tremendous manager for a solid technical wrestler like Tyson Kidd or Michael McGillicutty.

    Considering he is a WWE Hall of Famer and backstage producer, Arn could always get the nod as the next great manager.

Kevin Nash

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    It is obvious that Kevin Nash needs to keep his name relevant in some way, shape or form. Whether it is taking shots at Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero or trying to convince fans that the new nWo is coming, Nash always finds a way to get fans talking.

    There is no denying the drawing power that Nash has had throughout the years. Having his presence felt within the confines of the WWE Universe is always something that could cause some exciting television. As long as WWE doesn't strictly script his lines, Nash would be brilliant on the microphone for a young, cocky, arrogant heel wrestler.

    During his early days as Diesel, he was the bodyguard for Shawn Michaels and his sheer presence at ringside made HBK a more valuable asset in the wrestling business.

    His days in the ring seem to be over after his awful run with Triple H towards the tail end of 2011. If Kevin Nash does what he says and rekindles the nWo after all these years, there is way more money in having him outside the ring than inside.

"The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer

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    Readers may not understand this, but Tommy Dreamer is a Hall of Fame wrestler that made a bigger name for himself by losing matches than anyone in wrestling history.

    Tommy put over everyone he wrestled and along the way, he forever became the "Innovator of Violence." When working in the original ECW, he developed a cult-like fan following and learned how to connect with the audience on every level.

    In ECW, each wrestler had the opportunity to develop their promos with one of the greatest minds in wrestling history, Paul Heyman. The promos that Tommy cut throughout the years are memorable.

    Whether Dreamer comes back to WWE or has an amazing amount of success with his House of Hardcore promotion, the best long term plan for Tommy Dreamer is to become a manager.

    There needs to be an eventual heir to the hardcore throne and Dreamer could be the guy to bring him to the next level. It has been a long time since true hardcore wrestling was popular in the major leagues of wrestling. Tommy could have a niche to fill if the time is right.

"The Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley

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    It seems that WWE is consistently trying to find something for Mick Foley to do. There is no doubt that he is one of the most recognizable wrestlers of all time and he could be a fantastic manager for the right wrestler.

    Back in 2006, Mick Foley had a brief alliance with Edge that showed to the WWE fans that he could help get someone over with his verbal skills and psychology. Don't get me wrong: Foley did put his body on the line to help Edge get over, but his microphone skills did most of the work.

    A few months ago, Foley had a brief feud over social media with a wrestler named Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has not debuted on WWE TV just yet, but when he does, he is sure to make a splash. The angle that Foley and Ambrose were attempting to get over was dropped with a long letter written by Foley about how Ambrose took it a bit too far.

    When Ambrose debuts, I would have him reignite the feud and demand Foley answer his challenge. When Foley eventually arrives, he would swerve a top baby face and join Ambrose becoming his manager.

    Foley and Ambrose could make a dynamic duo that would make waves in the present day WWE.

"The Rated R Superstar" Edge

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    Edge retired at an extremely early age due to injury issues that he acquired over a long career in the ring. As of press time, Edge isn't even 40 years old yet. I'm not saying this should happen just yet, but if Edge ever gets the itch to come back to WWE, this would be the perfect role.

    He is the type of guy that would add instant credibility to any superstar on the roster. He has ties to both Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins from the past and both men could use a push in the right direction from their former mentor.

    While many had hoped that Edge would be the new Smackdown General Manager, the WWE Universe would be happy to see him back as a manager for superstar on the roster.

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    Do you agree with my list of five legendary wrestlers that should become managers? Some are outside the box, but all have potential. There are many other wrestlers who I feel would be great managers...who are some of yours? Please comment below and tell me how you feel.

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