NFL: The Least-Talented Players Currently Slated to Start in 2012

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2012

NFL: The Least-Talented Players Currently Slated to Start in 2012

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    Judging by the memes that are dominating Facebook timelines, everybody is excited that the 2012 NFL season is about to start. Well, except for the fans of a few certain teams.

    Quite frankly, there isn't enough talent to fill all 22 starting positions on 32 squads. That would defy the law of averages.

    Of course, we've excluded kickers and punters. They're too easy of a target anyways.

    So click through to see the least talented starters in the NFL today. 

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Oakland Raiders: Linebacker Philip Wheeler

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    The Oakland Raiders fans were excited to acquire Philip Wheeler from the Indianapolis Colts.

    I'm not entirely sure why.

    After moving to the outside last year, he did increase his production to 80 tackles in 13 games. But that certainly isn't enough.

    Over a four-year career, he only has two forced fumbles and two sacks. Not to mention it's been a long time since anyone used the phrase "the vaunted Colts' defense." 

Denver Broncos: Center J.D. Walton

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    The Denver Broncos have an all-timer under center.

    Unfortunately, they have the opposite at center. 

    J.D. Walton has yet to inspire any confidence in head coach John Fox. His play has stuck out for all the wrong reasons.

    Coincidentally, the Broncos went ahead and selected Philip Black in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. You know, the guy who was his successor with the Baylor Bears. 

    History has a way of repeating itself. 

Detroit Lions: Center Dominic Raiola

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    When is the last time you read an article that featured two centers?

    Unlike J.D. Walton, no replacement has been selected for Dominic Raiola.

    That doesn't mean the Detroit Lions shouldn't have looked around for one. 

    To be fair, Raiola is a fiery leader and a hardened veteran. However, his time has come and the Lions must look to replace him in the near future to keep Matthew Stafford upright and healthy. 

Arizona Cardinals: Quarterback Kevin Kolb

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    Andy Reid is a master salesman. Who didn't think that Kevin Kolb would turn into a competent quarterback just two years ago?

    Obviously the Arizona Cardinals did. And now they look to be paying starting money to a career backup.

    Kolb certainly has a few attributes that would give credence to his talent. Yet, he lacks the poise and moxie to truly lead an offense.

    When it comes to signal-callers, those last two skills are the most important. 

Minnesota Vikings: Strong Safety Mistral Raymond

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    For the fans' sake, the Minnesota Vikings won't start Mistral Raymond on opening day, right?


    The Vikings are aware of their deficiency at safety. That's why they selected Harrison Smith in the draft with an eye towards planting Raymond on the bench.

    Although it's difficult to put production like 22 tackles and a single interception on the bench. 

Green Bay Packers: Running Back James Starks

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    James Starks will always have the 2010 playoffs. During that time, he provided some necessary balance as the Green Bay Packers marched to the Super Bowl title.

    That doesn't erase the fact that he just isn't a starting running back in the NFL. At least not an effective one anyways.

    The Packers have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and a ridiculous amount of receiving talent. Hopefully, that will be enough to overcome. 

Washington Redskins: Safety Brandon Meriweather

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    How does Brandon Meriweather keep ending up on the field?

    Wait, what? He was in two Pro Bowls?

    With the New England Patriots, Meriweather apparently put together a long enough string that certain people believed he belonged in Hawaii. However, I'd point out that he was cut shortly after garnering such honors.

    Then he landed with the Chicago Bears long enough to be signed by the Washington Redskins at the end of the year. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. 

New York Jets: Wide Receiver Chaz Schilens

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    Antonio Cromartie and I have something in common.

    No, it isn't just our prowess with the ladies. 

    Cromartie is the second-best receiver on the New York Jets, but that isn't stopping them from running Chaz Schilens out there.

    I don't care how slighted he feels. His 72 catches over four years do not scream "starter". 

Philadelphia Eagles: Linebacker Brian Rolle

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    The supposed "Dream Team" was held back by many things last year, but none more than their linebacking unit.

    Thus, the Philadelphia Eagles overhauled the position by bringing in DeMeco Ryans and drafting Mychal Kendricks.

    There is one holdover though. Brian Rolle will still see the field at times. However, that is already starting to dwindle.

    Will he be on the bench come Week One? Eagles fans can only hope. 

Dallas Cowboys: Cornerback Orlando Scandrick

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    The Dallas Cowboys secondary has been the scapegoat for quite a few losses.

    And rightfully so.

    Orlando Scandrick has been a key cog for the unit for the past four years. That isn't a compliment.

    If you haven't noticed, the Cowboys did. That's why they drafted Morris Claiborne and signed Brandon Carr.

    Color me shocked if Scandrick holds on to his starting position.