L.A. Galaxy: David Beckham Was Wrong!

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2008

The L.A. Galaxy, since Beckham's arrival, have become a kind of soccer "rock band", touring the world to display David's talents, and usually playing low level teams in Asia or Oceania.

The only "interesting" game was David's first with the Galaxy against Chelsea last summer, with a win by the Blues, who didn't even play 10 percent of their best level. 

After that, David and the Galaxy didn't even make it to the MLS playoffs. What a shame for them and the £128 million deal they offered him, a contract that included sponsorship contracts, salary, and a share on the club's benefit.

So, they went to play some games in Sydney and New Zealand, and last week they were touring in Asia.

When David was with Manchester United, Asia was a top market for them as the Beckham-mania was at its peak.  But last week in China the stadiums were not full, as Chinese people judged the team was not good enough to spend money to see.

They were right.

When he decided to leave Real Madrid, Beckham declared "After considering several options to stay in Madrid or join other major British and European teams, I have decided to join L.A. Galaxy."

And he was so wrong, he had so much to prove.  The only title he won with Madrid was last year's championship, during a season when Capello kept Becks out of the team as long as he could.

David Beckham could have just moved to another big European club, and tried to win titles to prove that he was a decisive man, a team leader, a winner.

Instead of that, he decided to move to L.A., probably pushed by Posh, who sadly (for our ears) toured the world as well but not playing for the Galaxy—which maybe could have helped them.

Now Beckham is desperate to get his 100 caps with the English team.  But since a cap is also based on performance in club, Maestro Capello—who is not a big Beckham fan anyway—will probably not pick him unless, again, for marketing reasons.

I am sorry to say it, but David, you were wrong.

You'll be remembered as a famous player but as one who, when it came time to show your talent and finish  your career in a top spot, chose money over a real challenge.

To remember Beckham was a good soccer player, one day, I added his best goals in my media center.