Detroit Tigers: The Powerhouse, the High Payroll, the Hype

zach bearContributor IFebruary 24, 2009

The Tigers, the powerhouse, the high payroll, the hype—do you all remember that? At this time last year the Tigers were a shoo-in for the World Series. So...what happened?

I believe the Tigers' failure in 2008 could be due to two major faults, the bullpen and untimely hitting. I will first focus on one major problem, and that is Miguel Cabrera.

Let's say his first half slump and nine home runs were because of the adjustment from the National League to the American League. If that’s the case, expect him to come out of the gate hitting, like we all saw in Florida. I really do believe the Tigers' bats can turn around in 2009. The chemistry is starting to develop and that is always a factor.

Now the other part of this puzzle is the bullpen. No one can tell you how many leads the bullpen blew or how many saves Todd Jones failed to get, but it was a heck of a lot.

So when the season was over, we Tigers fans thought we would be picking up a closer. I mean, there were three available, and we still didn’t. I personally thought K-Rod would have been a great asset to this team. Maybe Jim knows something we don’t.

But if he doesn’t, then I suggest we close in on a couple bullpen pitchers fast. I suggest Troy Percival from Tampa Bay or J.J. Putz, as they are both free agents.

If these things are managed then I believe the Tigers will have a great successful season.