Penn-Florian Title Fight Postponed

Nate DoubleAnalyst IFebruary 24, 2009

The lightweight title fight between BJ Penn and number one contender Kenny Florian, rumored to be the main event for UFC 99 in Cologne Germany, now appears to be taking place at a later event.  Since UFC 100 is already packed to the rafters with big names and talent it will likely headline UFC 101 or 102 (I think the UFC should stop numbering these things after 100).

Reports from Sherdog and Cage Potato indicate that BJ Penn is postponing his fight with Kenny Florian to spend time with his new daughter.

This puts Florian in an awkward position because he's already stepped up once to risk his title shot by taking on Joe Stevenson at UFC 91.

By waiting for the yet to be announced UFC 101 or 102 Florian will have had eight to nine months of down time between fights.  When asked if he was concerned about this he stated that he was, but that this is the only fight he wants so he'll wait.

Penn, on the other hand, will have six or seven months off since his failed attempt at taking the welterweight title from George St. Pierre at UFC 94.  Depending on the dates for UFC 101 or 102 the lightweight title will have been unchallenged for upwards of 14 months.

This situation was one of the biggest objections fans had to BJ Penn moving up to challenge GSP.  It seems those fans can call a bit of "I told you so" on proponents of that fight.

While this predicament won't ruin UFC 99 it does prove to me that Dana White should have gotten a signed commitment out of Penn for his fight with Florian before he allowed him to take the fight he wanted in GSP.