WWE: 7 Reasons Why the Usos Deserve More Time in the Spotlight

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIAugust 7, 2012

WWE: 7 Reasons Why the Usos Deserve More Time in the Spotlight

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    The Siva Tau is a Samoan war dance performed by many Samoan athletes before competition (made especially famous on the Internet by the Samoan Rugby team). The Siva Tau has recently been used by the Usos during their entrance to the ring.

    The Usos are one of the most underused talents in the WWE today. They're different, exciting and have great family history.

    Need more reasons to get behind the Usos? Let me break it down in a way the Usos would understand using lines from the Siva Tau... 

'Leai Se Isi Manu Oi Le Atu Laulau'

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    "There is no other Manu (team) anywhere"

    Just like the Siva Tua says, there really is no team like the Usos. The Usos are different from anything else in the tag division, and the whole WWE. 

    Their entrance alone is unique and exciting! When is the last time you got pumped watching AW introduce the Primetime Players? 

    Don't believe me? Check the video above and try not to get pumped. 

'Ua Ou Sau Nei Ma Le Mea Atoa'

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    "Here I Come Completely Prepared"

    The Usos always look prepared in the ring. Though they are usually finding themselves getting squashed, they always find a way to look good in the ring. They're both solid in-ring performers...well...at least I think they are...it's tough to tell them apart. 

    When they somehow manage to make it onto Raw or Smackdown against one of the two main tag teams, I always find myself cheering for the Usos, and focusing more on them than the team that's squashing them.

    Solid, interesting talent is what the WWE needs to put on TV, especially when they want to make a legit tag-team division. 

'O Lou Malosi Ua Atoatoa'

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    "My Strength Is at Its Peak"

    The Usos' strength is working as a team, and their tag-team performance is certainly on a high level. The Usos are a great team because they're just that—a team. 

    One of the reasons they deserve more time in front of the WWE Universe on a weekly basis is that they are an actual tag team. They utilize double-team maneuvers almost every time they make a tag, they dress alike and, being twins and all, they look alike. 

    We see a few tag-team matches every week in the WWE, but it's not very often that we see two partners working together in the ring with a unique two-man move-set altogether. 

'Ia E Faatafa Ma E Soso Ese'

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    "Make Way and Move Aside"

    With all the skill and pizazz the Usos possess, hopefully they'll be telling the rest of the weak tag division teams to move over. The tag-team division is very thin right now, really only featuring three teams. Why not give the Usos a shot as another team in a thin division? 

    With Raw moving to a new three-hour format, there's no reason that talent like the Usos can't make an appearance every week or even every other week. 

    They bring more to the table than a lot of the other talent who we see on TV every week. We usually see one time slot open for the tag-team division on Raw; why not change it up a bit and let all of the teams get a chance? We've seen the Primetime Players against Primo and Epico, with some involvement from Kofi and R-Truth; the Usos should be in the mix as well. 

'Leaga O Lenei Manu E Uiga Ese'

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    "Because This Manu is Unique"

    The Usos are just that—unique. They have a different look than most WWE Superstars and they have a different style in the ring. They're young (both under 30) and have a lot of charisma for their trade. 

    Guys who are so exciting, young and talented deserve to be shown to the WWE Universe. Heck, they can even cook (see above video)! What can't these guys do? When's the last time that Primo and Epico cooked for us? 

'Le Manu Samoa'

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    "The Manu Samoa"

    Another reason the Usos deserve to be on TV is their theme. The rest of the main WWE tag teams have themes, but it's something we see every year with different Superstars plugged in. The Primetime Players are the young "gangsters" coming out to rap music and doing that weird sway-together-and-hug dance. Primo and Epico are the Mexican team that performs the high-flying, fast moves and Kofi and R-Truth are...well, I'm not really sure what their thing is. 

    While we've seen the Samoan bit before, we certainly haven't seen it as often as the other token tag teams. The Usos' theme is unique, and they do it to the nines. They are a true tag team.

'Le Manu!'

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    "The Manu Samoa!"

    Another reason the Usos should get more of the spotlight is that they're legacy Superstars! Everyone likes to see different generations of Superstars, and it gives the announcers something to talk about and fans something to get behind. 

    The Usos aren't the first of their family to dance in the ring. Jimmy and Jey (actually Johnathan and Joshua) are the twin sons of Solofa Fatu, better known to some as Rikishi, who did dancing of his own in the ring with Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay as 2 Cool.

    The Usos are part of the Anoa'i family, a famous Samoan family of professional wrestlers which includes the Maivias, Umaga, Yokozuna and 3-Minute-Warning star Rosey.

    What better reason to put these guys on TV than their history in the business? That alone deserves some TV time.  

In Conclusion...

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    What do you think of the Usos? Do you think they deserve more of the spotlight, or should they stay right where they are? 

    Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

    Ia manuia le aso!