WWE: Best, Worst Case Scenario for Wade Barrett's Return

Justin Hartling@@footballcanuckCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2012

WWE: Best, Worst Case Scenario for Wade Barrett's Return

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    This past Raw, we all witnessed the amazing Fight Club-esque vignette hyping the return of Wade Barrett. The WWE desperately needs Barrett to come back with a bigger and better barrage than ever. With the lack of heels on the roster one can assume, and hope, Barrett becomes a main event player very soon.

    However, like anything in the WWE, Barrett’s return can either go soaring through the clouds or crashing into the ground.

    Who could Barrett feud with?

    How will his new “re-ignited” fire change him?

    Will he still wear a robe/jacket thing?

    Let’s find out the best and the worst case scenarios for Wade Barrett’s WWE return.

First Feud

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    Best Case Scenario

    At Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler defeats Chris Jericho in a match we all know is going to happen. The following Smackdown we open the show to the shrill screeching voice of Vickie. Luckily, Ziggler takes the microphone and starts declaring how he is the future of the company and how he will soon be the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history.

    Then out of the audience comes Barrett who unmercifully beats Ziggler. As Zig Zag lays unconscious in the ring Barrett, in his charming accent, tells Ziggler how he didn’t forget that he was the one who originally injured him (yeah, the WWE actually addressing what happened).

    This feud escalates with a number of amazing matches. Then at the Royal Rumble PPV, Ziggler and Barrett go one on one in a Street Fight. The winner of the match will get the MitB briefcase. Ziggler begins to get on a roll and sets up for the end. All of a sudden Vickie hits Ziggler with a chair, thus aligning with Barrett and allowing him to win the briefcase.

    The next Smackdown, Barrett tosses Vickie to the curb saying how he used her to get what he wanted and now he is done with her. Barrett goes on to defeating Sheamus after a not so tough loss the Alberto Del Rio later on that same night.

    Barrett and Sheamus battle at Wrestlemania, but Sheamus must have accidentally used HHH’s water bottle, and loses in 16 seconds to Barrett.



    Worst Case Scenario

    Barrett returns for Night of Champions to challenge, of all people, Santino for the United States Championship. After 45 seconds of domination, Barrett sets up to finish off Santino.

    Then all of a sudden out comes Ryback to stop the match. The following Smackdown,or Raw, or whichever show Ryback is suppose to be on, he comes out to talk for the first time. Ryback fumes about how Barrett screwed him when they were in NXT and in the Nexus, however Ryback is so loud and intense he blows the speakers in the arena so no one really hears this.

    Ryback and Barrett then have a match at the Night of Champions PPV. During this, Ryback crushes Barrett’s rib cage while attempting a basic bodyslam.

In Ring Style

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    Best Case Scenario

    Barrett becomes much more aggressive. Despite always being bigger than most of his opponents, Barrett always seemed to be fairly passive to me. I think with Barrett’s new attitude he needs to utilize his physicality more often.

    Barrett should stick to a combination of dirty boxing and simple yet painful submissions. For this newly ignited version of Barrett to work he needs to be more brutal and unforgiving. Obviously he will need to be human, unlike Ryback, aka the second coming of Goldberg. The closest comparison I see is the Undertaker. Taker loves to punch, he is smash mouth and even though he can be hurt you can’t keep him down.

    Worst Case Scenario

    WWE Creative gets a brilliant idea. With the rise of MMA and Brock Lesnar, Barrett should attempt to break into the stream of boxing. Barrett starts entering the ring in a full boxing robe and only throws fists. No slams, no kicks, only jabs and WMD’s.


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    Best Case Scenario

    Barrett’s robust vocabulary and accent make him seem like another intellectual savior.

    Due to this, Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett become aligned. Not necessarily becoming a constant tag team, but obviously become companions and acquaintances. This would vault Sandow into another stratosphere.

    Barrett could win the WHC and Sandow the US. Barrett then begins a  feud with, a now heel, Randy Orton for the title. Due to Orton’s heel persona, Barrett gets cheered by the fans. Sandow, believing Barrett has sunken to the level of the common man, challenges Barrett for the title (that he retained against Orton).

    An amazing feud ensues that leads to Damien Sandow’s first World Heavyweight Championship reign.



    Worst Case Scenario

    Barrett creates a renegade group of younger stars trying to make names for themselves. Eventually he splits from the group to make a meaningless...

    Oh wait...that already happened.


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    Best Case Scenario

    Barrett ditches the whole robe/jacket thing and enters the ring wearing dress pants and no shirt. This plays into his newly reinvigorated attitude about returning to where he came from.

    This gives off an extra layer to his bruising style and subtly gives his character depth.


    Worst Case Scenario


    Roses everywhere!


    So there you have it! A quick rundown of what could happen to Wade Barrett once he returns to the WWE.

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