Realistic Stat Predictions for Each Member of the Golden State Warriors

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IAugust 9, 2012

Realistic Stat Predictions for Each Member of the Golden State Warriors

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    With the Golden State Warriors roster now set, they appear ready to make a serious run at the 2013 NBA playoffs.

    The Warriors have more talent and will feature a deeper bench than any team that they've have had in years. They are fully capable of putting up big numbers at both ends of the floor as long as they stay healthy.

    Next is a prediction of each member of the Warriors' key stats with realistic expectations.  

PG: Stephen Curry

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 19.7

    APG - 6.2

    SPG - 1.3

    39% - 3PT

    Curry holds the keys to the Warriors' success this season.

    Well, at least his ankles do.

    If he can stay healthy, Curry could put together a true breakout season. One that would rank him among the best point guards in the league.

    The Warriors are going to rely heavily on Curry and his shooting ability—he just needs to stay healthy for the Warriors to win.

SG: Klay Thompson

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 16.8

    APG - 3.2

    SPG - 0.8

    37% - 3PT 

    Thompson is a legitimate candidate for the NBA's most improved player this year and these numbers would help him win that award. He does have big shoes to fill as the Warriors' opening-day shooting guard, but there is almost no doubt that he will be up to the challenge.

    Thompson, as long as there are enough shots to go around, is ready to step into the NBA limelight and these numbers could only be the start of what he is capable of.

SF: Harrison Barnes

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 10.5

    APG - 2.1

    RPG - 3.3

    46% - FG

    Barnes has tons of potential, and he just might produce the best rookie season of anyone not named Anthony Davis.

    With Curry and Thompson expected to take the bulk of the perimeter shots, Barnes is going to have to make the most of his opportunities. He is going to have to make an impact defensively early on to stay on the court, especially with Brandon Rush coming after his starting spot.

PF: David Lee

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 17.9

    APG - 3.2

    RPG - 10.3

    55% - FG

    The addition of Andrew Bogut is going to take pressure off Lee offensively and, more importantly, defensively. With all the weapons the Warriors now have, I don't expect career-high numbers in anything from Lee.

    However, with easier defensive assignments and more talent surrounding him, I expect him to have his most efficient season to date.

C: Andrew Bogut

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 11.4

    RPG - 9.7

    BPG - 2.2

    54% - FG

    As long as Andrew Bogut brings it defensively every night, he could average five points a game and fans would be thrilled.

    Bogut is here to do one thing: Mask the defensive deficiencies of the rest of the team. As long as he stays healthy and anchors the defense, his offensive stat line is going to matter. 

PF: Carl Landry

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 10.3

    APG - 1.0

    RPG - 5.4

    82% - FT

    The signing of Carl Landry is going to prove as important as any other addition the Warriors had this offseason. A few weeks ago, outside of Lee and Bogut, there was no proven force down low.

    Now the Warriors have a tip-in machine who has an incredible knack to get to the free-throw line. Landry's presence on the Warriors could be the move that catapults Golden State in the postseason.


SG: Brandon Rush

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 9.9

    APG - 1.7

    RPG - 3.9

    42% - 3PT

    Luckily the Warriors didn’t let Rush get away.

    It would not be surprising if Rush ends up starting at small forward at any point next season. He showed he has the talent to do so and until Barnes gets accustomed to the NBA game, expect to see a lot of Rush on the court.  

    Possibly with higher averages, too. 

PG: Jarrett Jack

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 9.4

    APG - 5.9

    RPG - 3.3

    SPG - 1.3

    With Curry's propensity to get injured, Jack could end up with much higher averages and a much bigger role.

    His defense is going to be a welcomed addition, as he will prove to be an excellent backup to Curry. Jack is a true leader and he would prove be to be an excellent addition to the Warriors' bench.

SF: Richard Jefferson

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 5.5

    APG - 0.9

    RPG - 2.6

    41% - 3PT

    I wouldn’t expect much from Jefferson at this stage in his career.

    If he has anything left in the tank, this season is the time to show it.

    If Jefferson can carve out a role where he comes in, hits a couple three-pointers to ignite the offense and plays solid defense, that’s as much as anyone can ask from him.

C: Festus Ezeli

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 2.4

    RPG - 3.8

    BPG - 1.2

    45% - FG

    Ezeli could end up being a big presence this season.

    He has the tools to be a terrific backup to Bogut and it’s not unreasonable to expect him to make an impact in his rookie year. Looking at the Warriors' lineup, he could end up being one of their best low-post defenders this season. Let’s hope he is to justify taking on the contract that is Richard Jefferson. 

C: Andris Biedrins

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 1.1

    RPG - 2.9

    BPG - 0.8

    An online campaign needs to catch fire to persuade Biedrins to opt out of his contract, that will pay him $9 million after this year.

    Barry Zito is even making him look bad this year.

    It's hard to imagine that he makes any type of impact this seaso,n and these numbers could sadly end up being much lower. 

PG: Charles Jenkins

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 3.8

    APG - 2.8

    SPG - 1.2

    45% - FG

    Jenkins came on strong late last season, and coming into this season he was expected to be the main backup to Curry.

    Now, that's just not going to happen.

    The addition of Jack will greatly limit Jenkins' chances of producing any kind of healthy stat line. He is going to have to make the most of his minutes this year and bide his time until he gets another shot at a bigger role.  

SF: Draymond Green

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 2.4

    APG - 1.8

    RPG - 2.1

    SPG - 1.3

    The signing of Landry limits Green's chances of making a strong impact this year. There just aren't going to be enough minutes to go around.

    He will be able to make a Dominic McGuire-type impact with high-energy play and by being a crowd favorite. He has talent, and if he does get a chance to get any big minutes, he will take advantage of them and surpass these averages.

SG: Kent Bazemore

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 2.1

    ASG - 0.7

    RPG - 0.8

    SPG - 0.9

    Bazemore deserved a roster spot with his summer-league play, but how much actual playing time he will get in the big leagues is very much in question. He could carve out a role as a defensive specialist, but expecting more than that in his rookie year is simply asking too much.  

C: Jeremy Tyler

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    Projected Season Averages

    PPG - 1.9

    RPG - 2.1

    BPG - 0.7

    Tyler has the talent, but he is miles away from making a strong impact in the NBA. He has a chance to play some serious minutes if he can beat out Ezeli and Biedrins, but don't expect that to happen this year. 

    It will be at least a couple more years before he starts making an impact, if indeed that ever happens.