Yohan Blake: Jamaican Will Leave London with Gold Medal

James ShimCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2012

Usain Bolt (L) , Yohan Blake (R)
Usain Bolt (L) , Yohan Blake (R)Julia Vynokurova/Getty Images

After winning the 100-meter world title in Daegu last summer, Jamaican Yohan Blake has had a meteoric rise, as many thought he would be the one to dethrone the sprint king Usain Bolt himself. 

At only age 22, Blake has already had two victories over his training partner Bolt in the Jamaican national trials. This led many people to believe that Blake may have a shot in London to deny Bolt a chance to defend his titles. 

On Sunday, Bolt made it clear he wasn't ready to give up his title just yet. In the Men's 100-meter Final, Bolt won gold in 9.63 seconds, an Olympic record. Blake won the silver, with a time of 9.75 seconds. 

Now, Usain Bolt looks to defend another title from Yohan Blake, the 200-meter. 

Both men consider the 200 to be their strongest event. On Tuesday, both Bolt and Blake advanced from the first round, as Blake was recorded at 20.38 seconds and Bolt was recorded at 20.39 seconds.

Although many expect Bolt to win the 200-meter final on Thursday, Blake is sure to give him a run for his money. 

Last year in Brussels, Blake ran the second-fastest 200 ever with a time of 19.26, second only to Usain Bolt's 19.19. 

With both men claiming that the 200 is their strongest event, when the time for the 200-meter final comes, it is sure to be a showdown. Although Blake has won a world championship gold, winning a gold in the Olympics over the celebrated Usain Bolt will bring him out of Bolt's shadow and really make his own name. 

If there is one person in the field that is set to beat Bolt at his "best event," it is Yohan Blake.

Because of the speculation that Blake and Bolt do train together, you've got to believe that Blake has the best chance to snatch the gold. As his training partner, Blake probably knows more than others how to approach the 200 to beat Bolt. It may take even the smallest detail, like how hard to run out of the curve. 

With the Men's 200-meter semifinals tomorrow, it will give the world another chance to see how close the matchup between Bolt and Blake will be.

Nicknamed "The Beast," Blake does have what it takes to deny sprint king Usain Bolt a gold. It's hard to ignore the fact that Blake has the second-fastest time recorded in the 200, and Thursday's final is sure to be a showdown. 

Let's just not be surprised if Yohan Blake does in fact win gold, and dethrone Usain Bolt of what may be the most prized event to sprinters.