WWE: Do CM Punk's Recent Actions Make Him a Heel, a Tweener or Neither?

Elliott Binks@https://twitter.com/elliottbinks92Senior Writer IIIAugust 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

All in all, we were treated to a pretty good episode of Raw this week.

Highlights included a whole host of great matches as well as an intriguing exchange between Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar.

But notably we saw another revealing segment involving CM Punk, as the true intentions of the WWE Champion’s recent heel turn were made slightly more apparent.

Since his actions on Raw 1,000, speculation has mounted regarding the real nature of Punk’s new persona, with one big question on everybody’s lips:

Heel or tweener?

While it may still be difficult to tell, proceedings on Raw this week would seem to suggest that the Straightedge Superstar has taken another step toward becoming a full-fledged heel.

For one, Punk has ditched the smile and is no longer pandering to the crowd as he did for much of the year.

He is also demanding respect and trying to get out of the SummerSlam triple-threat match in what are classic heel antics that we’ve seen before.

But with Punk, there’s so much more than that to it.

We’re starting to see a return of that obnoxious, arrogant and cynical attitude that has served him so well throughout his career. His general tone and mannerisms are a lot darker as of late and reflect this fact.

It is a role in which Punk is a lot more natural, enabling him to portray the role of heel with far greater legitimacy.

Even Jerry Lawler is turning on him, and if that isn’t a sign of being a heel then what is?

But despite this, Punk pervades a sense of not caring what people think, even if pockets of fans continue to cheer him. Such a trait is not one of a heel, as the aim of a heel is to generate hate from the fans, whereas Punk literally no longer cares if he’s booed or cheered.

Sure, heels have stolen the “I don’t care if you boo me” line for as long as I can remember, and even now, Big Show continues to adopt such a hypocritical approach.

If people really didn’t care what others thought, they wouldn’t have to keep reminding them at every opportunity. They would simply ignore them.

And that’s exactly what Punk does. He doesn’t aim to generate hate or praise from anyone. He simply acts for himself. And in doing so, it only proves that Punk has a complete lack of concern toward what anyone else thinks.

So if Punk’s not looking to be either loathed or loved, thus making him neither heel nor face, surely that makes him a tweener?


CM Punk is an individual like no other. A character as unique as his cannot be classed as a heel, a face or a tweener.

Simply put, he is CM Punk.

And with the shackles of playing the face no longer holding him down, the Voice of the Voiceless can once again rediscover that spark that made him the most edgy and controversial figure in the company today.

As always with Punk, I get the feeling there’s more to come from “the devil himself,” particularly if his tweets are anything to go by.

While they may have been alluding to his recent turn, I can’t help but feel like this is all part of a bigger plan.

Perhaps SummerSlam will provide us with further answers?

Comment below and let me know your ideas on this ever-developing situation.