Olympic Women's Gymnastics 2012 Results: Day 9 Scores, Medal Winners & Standings

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 02:  Linlin Deng of China competes on the vault in the Artistic Gymnastics Women's Individual All-Around final on Day 6 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena on August 2, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The final day of 2012 Olympic women’s gymnastics results was just as memorable as the first.

On the balance beam, China’s Sui Lu stole the show. And then her teammate Deng Linlin stole it from her.

The Chinese gymnasts took gold and silver in the final, Deng just edging out Sui for the top spot. But it was the drama for the bronze that really took center stage.

It looked as if Aly Raisman had been given a raw deal again. After an impressive balance beam routine, judges dealt her a score strong enough for just fourth place. One appeal later, and Raisman is now flying back to the United States with more than team all-around gold around her neck.

Actually, make that three medals around her neck.

Raisman blew away the field on the floor earning her second Olympic gold. After such a productive day, it’s safe to say she’s over the individual all-around debacle.

Here are the medal winners, standings and a recap of the most notable performances.

Balance Beam Final Standings

Pos. Name Country Score
Gold Deng Linlin China 15.600
Silver Sui Lu China 15.500
Bronze Aly Raisman
4 Catalina Ponor
5 Ksenia Afanasyeva Russia
6 Larisa Lordache
7 Gabby Douglas USA 13.633  
8 Viktoria Komova Russia 13.166

Floor Exercise Final Standings

Pos. Name Country Score
Gold Aly Raisman  USA 15.600
Silver Catalina Ponor
Bronze Aliya Mustafina
4 Vanessa Ferrari
5 Lauren Mitchell Australia 14.833
6 Ksenia Afanasyeva Russia 14.566
7 Jordyn Wieber USA 14.500
8 Sandra Izbasa Romania 13.333

Final results can also be found at NBCOlympics.com.

Balance Beam Winner: Deng Linlin

The last time Deng Linlin won gold on the balance beam in a major competition was back in the 2009 Berlin World Championships. The 20-year-old shocked China and the gymnastics world by outperforming Sui Lu in the Olympic final by 0.10 points.

Sui was the first gymnast to perform on Tuesday and her score of 15.5, which tied Gabby Douglas’ score in the team all-around as the highest rewarded in the Games, looked like it would be strong enough for gold.

Deng had other plans.

While each Chinese gymnast earned execution score of 9.0, judges rated Deng’s difficulty as a 6.6 compared to Sui’s 6.5. And that’s how Deng defeated the 2011 balance beam World Champion.

Floor Exercise Winner: Aly Raisman

On the floor, you could’ve called Raisman the favorite. After her dominance throughout the Olympics, “heavy” may have even be an appropriate description of just how much she was favored.

Raisman boasted the best score of the qualifiers at 15.325, the best of the team all-around at 15.3 and the second-best of the individual all-around at 15.133.

On Tuesday, she looked like a different gymnast from the one that won bronze at the 2011 World Championships with a 15.0. Raisman recorded a spectacular 15.6 on the floor—the best score of the Olympics in the event by far.

No one in their right mind is arguing that Raisman shouldn’t have performed last on the floor in the qualifiers now.

How did Gabby Douglas do on the balance beam?

Janie McCauley of The Associated Press reported that, while Douglas is obviously content with how she opened the Olympics, how she closes is important to her as well. She said: (via Business Week)

“I want to finish strong and I'm going to do as best as I can. Fresh day. Leave on a good note.”

Douglas will just have to be content with how she opened.

On Tuesday, she earned a score of just 13.633. Her poor performance is surprising because, while she didn’t necessarily distance herself from the pack, Douglas solidified herself as a top-notch balance beam contender throughout the competition.

She recorded a score of 15.266 in the qualifiers, 15.233 in the team all-around and 15.5 in the individual all-around—the highest score in the tournament up to that point.

How did Aly Raisman do on the balance beam?

Aly Raisman is a fan of drama.

From eliminating Jordyn Wieber from the individual all-around in qualifiers, to clinching gold in the team all-around, to losing a tiebreaker in the individual final, Raisman’s Olympic campaign has been a roller coaster ride.

On Tuesday, she was dealt a score of 14.966, but Team USA appealed and she was awarded a 15.066. The score tied Catalina Ponor of Romania, but this time, Raisman was given the edge in the tiebreaker due to execution.

Prior to the final, Raisman never proved to be dominant on the balance beam. She beat out Kyla Ross in the qualifying round by just 0.025 points, placed fifth in the qualifiers with a 15.1 and her scores didn’t improve from there.

Raisman recorded a 14.933 in the team all-around and a 14.2 in the individual all-around.

How did Jordyn Wieber do on the floor exercise?

If you would’ve told me before the Olympics that Jordyn Wieber would leave London without an individual medal, I would’ve laughed obnoxiously. But believe it or not, unfortunately, that’s what will happen.

Judges weren’t impressed with Wieber’s execution in the floor final and they dealt her a score of 14.5.

Wieber recorded a score of 14.6 in the qualifiers (controversially) and 15.0 in the team all-around. Neither was rated among the top-three performances in the event, but given that she was seen as the most-talented gymnast in the world going into the Games, a strong comeback was still expected in the final.

Instead, Wieber finished over a point behind her teammate Raisman.

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