LA DJ Wins Worst Idea Ever Award with 'I Slept with Shaq' Tattoo

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LA DJ Wins Worst Idea Ever Award with 'I Slept with Shaq' Tattoo
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There is a man who thought it would be a good idea to get a tattoo on his forehead that reads, "I slept with Shaq."

We could stop there and leave you to fill in the blanks, but this story may need some explaining. By the end, you will most likely still be scratching your head. 

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones spots a rather bizarre story originally posted over at LA Weekly

The LA Weekly report centered around Los Angeles radio station KDAY, which has built its playlists around old-school rap sensibilities. 

That's all well and good, but what about that Shaq tat?

David "Tattoo" Gonzalez is the station's morning DJ and has quite the personality—and a zeal for life that apparently includes getting awful tattoos in the most visible of places (per LA Weekly):

Photo Credit: The Basketball Jones

But the tattoo across his forehead truly seals his gonzo credentials. Removing his Raiders cap, he displays it, sprawled in oddly formal cursive: "I Slept With Shaq." He got the ink during a contest for Lakers NBA Finals tickets in 2001, a challenge presented by Power morning-show DJ Big Boy. Gonzalez showed the handiwork to Shaq — who was impressed — and Big Boy soon gave him a job at the station.

As Kerby states in his report, the tattoo wasn't for nothing. It seems Gonzalez got tickets and parlayed that to a gig at Power, where he worked for "the better part of a decade," according to LA Weekly

Still, that's an awful thing to have on your forehead, no matter how many tickets and jobs you come across. 

Gonzalez doesn't seem to be the type to care what anyone thinks, but that hardly keeps us from thinking it. 

I had to soul search, growing up a huge Lakers fan. It seems I have an unfortunate thing called common sense, which precludes me from ever destroying my forehead for tickets. 

It could always be worse, because he could have, "I slept with Sam Bowie" etched across his head. 

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