Best and Worst WWE Tweets of the Week

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A.W.’s controversial and ill-advised Kobe Bryant joke did the WWE no favors in the PR department.  The exuberant manager’s shocking ad-lib received mainstream coverage from outlets like TMZ, and it forced the company to apologize on his behalf. 

A.W. immediately chimed in with an apology of his own, but the damage had already been done.

Twitter was set ablaze immediately following the tasteless one-liner. Fans' reaction ranged from impassioned support to aggressive disapproval. Some fans feel the WWE should lighten up, while others are calling for A.W.’s head. 

Whatever the case, Big Nasty is on the scene running down fan tweets regarding A.W. and the lapse in judgment that has the WWE Universe in uproar. 

Was A.W.’s apology acceptable?  Should he be punished?  Should we all just move on from this brief national tragedy? 

This latest installment of WWE TweetDown is sure to get the people talking, just as AW did—however, sans the offensive barb. 

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