RAW Coverage: One Step Closer To Anarchy, "Transition Completed"

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2009

First, let me start by saying "Run, Orton, Run!"

EXCUSE ME! Cena and Edge Heats Up

We asked, RAW delivered Monday night. RAW opened up to a segment that crowned Smackdown's GM Vickie Guerrero as the new GM, since all of the McMahons have been eliminated by Randy Orton. This was a great decision by WWE and brings us all one step closer to anarchy.

Cena came out and demanded his rightful rematch. Edge then came with Big Show, and we all were treated to a great segment. I thought only Chris Jericho was competent in giving good mic segments. Edge's mic work was beautiful as he told Cena that he wants to be the "hero" and he won't become the next Austin or Hogan.

Cena just wouldn't have it, but kept his cool. He let La Familia know once again that he will get his rematch. The main event featured him vs. Chavo Guerrero, which lasted about 90 seconds before Cena got the win.

He proceeded to tell intern RAW GM Vickie Guerrero that he will be following her until he gets his rematch. Smackdown? He'll be there, RAW? He'll be there. ECW? Uh, don't count on it. WWE did a great job with Cena and Edge by giving us some candy, but not letting us go wild in the shop. If we want to see the next chapter, we'll have to be patient.

Twilight Zone to Reality

WWE might have just just very well read my previous article, because we've exited the zone. I saw CM Punk but not Regal. In fact, he didn't even compete on RAW. The Money In The Bank had its first qualifying match as well.

CM Punk found himself in a triple threat match against Miz and Morrison for the spot. Knowing Miz and Morrison, it became a handicap match. I was rooting for Morrison all the way, but my wish wouldn't be granted.

CM Punk is on his way to another MITB. I'm not high on him going in the match again, but I'm looking at the bigger picture and hoping for no more Twilight Zone...at least for now. Hopefully, this wasn't a one-time illusion.

Cryme Tyme also was in action, tagging with Melina to face Glamarella and Dolph Ziggler. Not only did Cryme Tyme pick up a win, but Shad did some good work in the ring and got the pin. Is WWE finally giving Brooklyn wrestlers a chance?

Chris Jericho and a Steamboat

Shut me up again! When I thought WWE would throw Sgt. Slaughter at Jericho or take the easy road and throw Jerry Lawler, they gave us another great segment. I'm at awe because there was more than one great mic segment on RAW (kudos to Cena).

Here I thought that Piper told him off, but Ricky really gave it to him. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat got hit with Jericho's verbal onslaught, being called a "sellout" and a "has-been." The Dragon seemed done for, then he muttered the word that I've been dying for someone to say:

"I've watched you embrace the fans, then turn on them, embrace them, turn on them, embrace them again, and then turn again. If anyone is the hypocrite, it's YOU!"

Jericho had gotten destroyed as he, too, has been exposed as a fraud and a hypocrite. Soon-to-be-Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat would pay the price, though. Jericho attacked him and left him on the floor screaming "sellout" to Ricky. WWE is 3/3 now.

Heartbreak, Wall Street, and Some "Stiff" Competition

HBK had his match with JBL. The winner earned the right to challenge the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25. Vickie had already mentioned Koslov being in the running, but for the time being JBL and HBK had to go at it.

After back and forth action, JBL's clothesline from hell would be countered to some Sweet Chin Music. Michaels won the match and got one step closer to facing the deadman.

The glory was short-lived, as the Russian Monster made his way down to the ring and confronted HBK. HBK did the gutsy but silly move and attacked Koslov. He was instantly stopped and slammed dead in his tracks with a devastating spine buster. After months of nothing, he's finally getting competition.

Voices, The Game, and A Couple of Hammers

This is what I'm talking about. Triple H cut an emotional segment from Smackdown. He stated that the McMahons were his in-laws and that Stephanie was his wife and that they had kids:

"You crossed a line that you can't come back from," he said.

Triple H was clearly upset. Disregard his real-life relations to the McMahons...did he actually say Stephanie was his wife? Their storyline marriage didn't end all too well years back.

Back to RAW, Orton and Legacy were cooped up in their locker room all night long and decided to come out at the end of RAW. Orton brought Priceless and a sledgehammer. He once again stated his I.E.D and went on to say that he was the victim (yes, RAW really pulled a hat trick Monday night with three great segments).

Orton said that the McMahon's fate was their own doing and said Triple H would not show up, but he did. He came with the Sledgehammer and came down to the ring. Orton dropped his hammer and convinced Triple H to drop his hammer and settle it like men.

Triple H dropped it, but had a second one (I suspected he did). Cody Rhodes would be the first to get hit with the hammer (we were wrong, JLB). DiBiease and Orton high-tailed it to the back, where a great chase occurred. Triple H cornered them in a corner and Orton and DiBiease ran into a room.

The doors in there were locked and DiBiease got a good hit in the back, but actually kept running. Cryme Tyme were in the hallway as Orton and DiBiease continued to run for their lives.

They tried to throw everything and anything to slow down the man on a mission. They got to the parking lot where Rhodes was (I assume) and drove off in their car, but not before Triple H smashed a window.

RAW was 5/5 tonight. What do you guys think? I'm waiting for next week.