Manny Acta Impressed by Austin Kearns’ Power Surge

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2008

WHAT? A surge?

The guy just got his first home run of the Spring, it came against Jason Johnson, a guy who hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2006 and who is unlikely to make the Dodgers 25-man roster.

Hey, I am all for optimism and I am a Nationals fan, maybe a bit of a cynical one but a fan nonetheless. Austin Kearns, the guy whose batting average led me to give him the moniker "AK-247" for his inability to raise that average for most of the summer has been an underachiever since Jim Bowden brought him here kicking and screaming from the Cincinnati Reds.

He went over 100 at bats without a homer in 2007, yet Acta was reluctant to bench him. Perhaps because of undue influence from the real boss of the team, Bowden.

Bowden loves him some ex-Reds. Witness Felipe Lopez part-time shortstop, part-time second baseman whose .957 fielding percentage was the lowest among all National League shortstops.

Thank God Guzman is half-way back, but I digress from my original rant.

The Nats need to get away from JB’s obsession from his Reds days or the organization is not going to move forward. Also, spend some money on players.

Look Lerners, we gave you a $651 stadium. DC deserves more! We will not be taken advantage of any longer. Well, maybe we will.