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     Who is "Oden", he's a 7 foot tall center that gets knocked a lot for doing nothing wrong. Who's "Odin", he's the mythological god in Norse mythology. Not only is he the god of war but he is the god of time as well. Greg Oden is a very human basketball player who, has all of the potential in the world, weather he shows it by slamming in a earth shattering dunk, or if its blazing by a grizzled veteran. The fans in Portland Oregon want Oden to be a human war machine much like his, mythological deity that shares the same name. Even if you don't want to admit it he does have ability and he does possess the skill. People all over the country who follow, the NBA know that "Oden" is having what's know as a very mediocre season. But! the one thing that people always seem to forget is that he is a rookie still. Rookies struggle. Not to mention that he has been away from the game for a year. "Odin" is the god of time, and like the Norse god, "Oden" may need a little time. People need time to develop and they need time to blossom. He needs time to develop into the player that he can, and hopefully will bloom to be. How soon do we forget that current NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant had a below average rookie season, only averaging 7.6 Pt's a game. So before the citizens of Portland start "freaking" out about how they should have taken Kevin Durant, remember that you need to be patient with the big man. Remember when, a NFL tight end came into the league by the name of Kellen Winslow, came into the NF. he had a very poor first two years before he exploded in 2006, and 2007. Remember when critics were, laughing at the Houston Texans for choosing Mario Williams, over "The Reginald Bush", they sure have changed there tune. All these examples had one thing in common, they were late bloomers, then needed time. Lets give Oden one more year before we judge him. Like the Norse god Odin, we home all the human Oden needs is time.

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