WWE RAW: Top 5 Superstars to Face Ryback at SummerSlam

Mark Pirie@markpirieCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2012

WWE RAW: Top 5 Superstars to Face Ryback at SummerSlam

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    Well, we all wish the WWE would, Ryback.

    The return of Skip Sheffield under the new Ryback gimmick has seen countless jobbers destroyed, intense facial expressions, and a lot of Goldberg chants, but there is one thing we are all craving. A serious feud.

    This unstoppable machine has become a victim of his own winning streak, as he is quickly getting stale with no chance of defeat and a predictable move set.

    The only way to remedy this is to give him a serious feud leading up to SummerSlam, rather than handing him another pointless win.

    Here's the top 5 guys for the job.

5. Jinder Mahal

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    Okay, let's get the obvious one out of the way.

    Jinder Mahal is the closest thing to a feud Ryback has had, with his cowardly tactic of running away from the big man simply increasing the likelihood of him getting pummeled.

    While Mahal is decent in the ring, it's not very believable that he will beat Ryback, so therefore this still has an air of predictability.

    I mean, can you imagine Ryback in the Camel Clutch? Didn't think so.

4. Tensai

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    Yes, this is a debatable one.

    Sure, the match has potential to be a snoozefest.

    Sure, Albert and Goldberg chants would heard throughout the arena.

    But to take both of these guys seriously something needs to change quickly.

    Tensai has gone off the map recently, most notably with a hand full of losses to Tyson Kidd.

    However, you always believe that Tensai is a force to be reckoned with, even just for his size.

    He's not doing anything, Ryback's not doing anything. Pair them up.

3. Damien Sandow

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    Damien Sandow has been nothing but impressive since he debuted as the "Self Proclaimed Saviour of The Masses."

    Who better to "save" than a knuckle-headed bodybuilder ignoramus?

    It's easy to see that Sandow is destined for big things, and taking Ryback down a few pegs would be perfect for both superstars.

    It's believable that at SummerSlam the WWE would want to give Sandow a good slice of limelight, and giving him a hard fought battle with a monster like Ryback will give him a good chance to portray heelish tactics that we haven't really seen from him.

2. Cody Rhodes

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    Since losing the Intercontinental title to Christian, Cody Rhodes has gone off the map.

    He has been limited to appearances on Superstars, and a backstage segment with Booker T last week.

    Essentially, if you'd have blinked you'd have missed one of WWE's most talented young wrestlers.

    Now is the time to give him some promo time to knock down Ryback, and make us believe that he can beat him, leading up to a match at SummerSlam.

    Cody doesn't have to win, he's been on top for so long he needs to drop at some time. But this is one of only a few entertaining feuds Ryback could have at this point.

1. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett has been on the shelf for countless months after a serious injury.

    While it's not necessary to rush a wrestler back, Ryback needs him now more than ever.

    These two men are former members of the Nexus together, and this could be the building blocks of a great feud.

    As Ryback defeats whoever his SummerSlam opponent ends up being and the "FEED ME MORE" chants rise, Wade Barrett comes out and hits him with a Wasteland.

    Then, we see a series of promos where Barret claims to be the best former member of the Nexus, and Ryback is nothing more than a forgettable cowboy (See Skip Sheffield....).

    This feud has the most potential staying power, and could build both characters up once again.

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