WWE: Why Brock Lesnar Must Face The Rock at Some Point

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 6, 2012

It has to come to an end somehow.

In the end, the only way the Brock Lesnar return to the WWE makes any sense is an ultimate matchup with The Rock.

If not at the Royal Rumble, then at WrestleMania 29.

It has to happen. And here is why.

I am not sure what the WWE had in mind when it had Lesnar return to the company and face John Cena. A few matches, maybe, and then a program with Triple H. But what happens afterward? What happens to the character?

While Triple H goes back to being a corporate figurehead, there needs to be more of a challenge for Lesnar.

Ryback isn’t ready. Cena is caught in a quagmire with CM Punk.

The Big show and Kane are not likely candidates and while I would love to see Randy Orton and Lesnar lock horns, I do not see it happening.

And the only other solution I see is Wade Barrett, but does the WWE want to take Barrett and turn his character into a face for the fans to love?

Maybe Sheamus can pose a possible threat to him, but I also do not see that happening.

Here is a scenario to follow.

Lesnar beats Triple H at SummerSlam, and in doing so, works a program with John Cena for the WWE Title.

While the two trade wins back and forth, Lesnar finally wrests the title away from Mr. Vanilla and beats all comers at him for the title. This includes Kane, Big Show, Ryback, etc.

Somewhere along the way at a PPV event, The Rock comes back to (you pick the city) and openly challenges Lesnar for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.

The Rock beats Lesnar and then faces CM Punk for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 29.

Glad you all were paying attention.

Rock/Lesnar is a mega-match. It also becomes the prelude to a revenge match with CM Punk, which is actually a sideshow. But in all instances, the WWE Title is in the foreground of promotion and “respect” with the management and bookers of the company.

And it involves the company’s biggest and brightest stars.

It can happen and should happen. Maybe not in this order, but it should happen.

Had this been a scenario 10 years ago, there were plenty of wrestlers who could have carried the load and the challenge. Today you cannot say the same thing.

For Lesnar to remain relevant, he needs a “Rocky” like challenger. The Rock is the only one who does that and can hold his end of the angle.

Triple H is great for now, and John Cena can be a very good angle, but in the end, Lesnar is the type of star who needs an even playing field.

For him, that is The Rock and The Rock only.