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TNA Hardcore Justice Full Card Simulation

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIIApril 11, 2015

TNA Hardcore Justice Full Card Simulation

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    TNA's Hardcore Justice is only six days away. The card looks really good, so let's hope TNA doesn't have any screwy finishes like they've been known to have in the past.

    I do these simulations for WWE pay-per-views, but I've downloaded about 45 or so created wrestlers to have the current TNA roster. So, I thought, "Why not simulate a TNA pay-per-view?"

    The card, according to TNA's website, is as follows:

    Zema Ion (c) vs. Kenny King for the X Division Title

    Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Gunner and Kid Kash

    D'Angelo Dinero vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam in a falls count anywhere BFG Series match

    James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E in a tables BFG Series match

    AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle in a ladder BFG Series match

    Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Title


    There is also a divas match between Miss Tessmacher and Madison Rayne, but I don't have either of their CAWs.

Zema Ion vs. Kenny King for the X Divison Championship

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    I expect this match to open up the show. These two can, and probably will, put on an entertaining match to get the crowd hyped up. I haven't seen much of King but I've heard he's really good.

    At the beginning of the match, Ion was working the ground game with a couple of takedowns. He then hit a DDT and a pin, but only got a one count. King got up and began his offense. He hit a neck breaker and a bicycle kick. King then connected with Coronation, but Ion wasn't done.

    He went for his finisher, but King reversed it. King went to hit Coronation again, but Ion ducked and hit a huge DDT. Ion got up and pinned King to retain the title.

    Winner: Zema Ion

    I don't think this CAW has Ion's moveset. I'm a little disappointed in the finish. The match lasted a little over eight minutes, but I see TNA giving them a little more time.

    With the way TNA has been pushing Kenny King, I believe he will win the title on Sunday. However, I do see a rematch taking place either on an episode of Impact or at No Surrender in September.

Chavo and Hernandez vs. Gunner and Kid Kash

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    Chavo made his TNA debut two weeks ago and has been entered in a program with Gunner and Kash. I'm ok with him having pay-per-view matches as long as he's not treated like the next Kurt Angle. Chavo should be used to getting the younger talent over and teaching them a thing or two.

    Kash and Chavo started the match and wasted no time showing off their skills. Chavo and Hernandez worked well as a team. Super Mex has Kash up for a suplex and Chavo took him down with a crossbody. Chavo then hit the Three Amigos.

    Gunner finally made it into the match. He and Kash kept Hernandez away from his corner and Chavo. Hernandez recovered and hit two Border Tosses on Kash. Kid Kash fought back and hit a DDT. He then pinned Hernandez to win.

    Winners: Kid Kash and Gunner

    Again, I don't think Kash has his moveset. The CAWs looked good, but they don't have their finishers. Such a shame. However, the match was very well fought between both teams.

    With this being Chavo's first pay-per-view match in TNA, I expect him and Hernandez to win. Yet, I see Gunner and Kash beating them up afterward and walking out with the upper hand.

The Pope vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. RVD in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

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    At first, I thought Storm was going to run away with the BFG, leading up to a Storm/Roode title match. He does have a five point lead over Joe, but that can change on Sunday.

    As soon as the bell rang, all four men met in the middle of the ring. The match was very fast paced. Kennedy hit Magnus with a rolling fireman's carry. Pope went for a springboard kick from the apron, but he missed. Magnus hit Pope with a couple of clotheslines and a snap slam.

    Kennedy and Magnus went back and forth, reversing each other's moves. Kennedy was able to hit him with a Mic Check while RVD hit a Frankensteiner on Pope. Kennedy just stood there, looking down at Magnus. RVD connected with a 5-star Frog Splash. RVD pinned Pope the same time Kennedy pinned Magnus. The ref counted three and awarded the win to Kennedy. I could not have scripted a better ending.

    Winner: Mr. Anderson...Anderson

    The match was only seven minutes long and they didn't take advantage of the falls-count-anywhere rule. This match will be the first of the four-way matches to take place on Sunday.

    Currently at 40 points, I pick Mr. Anderson to win and gain 20 points. The win will boost him right behind Storm and make the BFG a little more interesting.

James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E in a Tables Match

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    Let's get this out of the way—there is no way Robbie E will win this match. He only has five points and is dead last. Bully Ray has 21 and Jeff has 28. Storm is in front with 52 points.

    Jeff grabbed a table about 30 seconds into the match. Bully hit Jeff with a pile driver. Jeff tossed Storm over his head, landing flat on his face. Ray had Storm on his shoulders and planted him right on his back.

    Robbie E hit Jeff with a double underhook powerbomb. Jeff got right up and hit the Twist of Fate. Bully brought in a second table. Robbie hit Ray with the same powerbomb. Ray got up and took Robbie down with a Russian leg sweep. He then threw Robbie into the corner with a table. Ray ran and speared him through it to win.

    Winner: Bully Ray

    Another simulation match that didn't last 10 minutes. However, I won't be surprised if that's the case on Sunday. I see the ladder and the World Title matches getting a lot of time. I do see, however, Aces & 8s making an appearance during this match.

    With that being said, I agree with the simulation. Bully Ray will gain 20 points as he puts Robbie E through a table. This is Ray's specialty and he needs to win this match. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff wins this, though.

AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe vs. Angle in a Ladder Match

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    These may be the four best pure wrestlers right now. I can care less about the AJ/Claire/Kaz/Daniels feud right now. It's not believable, but that may be because of Claire's horrible acting. AJ is in 10th place with only 16 points. A win here could have him in fifth place.

    Joe left the ring and immediately brought in a ladder. He then climbed the ladder to retrieve the briefcase, but Styles took him down. Daniels brought in another ladder. This is going to be interesting. Joe and Daniels were both at the top. Joe tossed Daniels back down to the mat. He then attempted to pull the briefcase down, but Angle stopped him. Joe and Daniels knew what the objective was. They are the only two so far who made an attempt at winning.

    Styles and Angle made their first climb up the ladder, but were quickly sent back down by Daniels. AJ lifted Joe up for a suplex. He had him hanging there for a few seconds, before slamming him on the mat. Daniels connected with Angel's Wings on Angle. Angle recovered and hit the triple German suplexes on Joe. Styles set up a ladder and began climbing. Angle and Daniels just stared at him as he pulled down the briefcase and won.

    Winner: AJ Styles

    This match was very exciting. There were bodies flying all over the place. It was cut a little short because of the constant attempts by Joe and Daniels.

    I see this match coming down to Joe and Angle battling at the top of a ladder with Joe getting the victory. AJ will be occupied with Daniels and an interfering Kaz. 

Aries vs. Roode for the TNA World Title

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    I think TNA shocked everyone when they took the title off of Roode at Destination X. He was white hot and the fans wanted to see him win. He's been an awesome champion so far and this match will not disappoint.

    I did not like the attire my Austin Aries CAW has. It's black with purple and pink stars. Roode was all over Aries during the first few minutes. Aries fought back and hit Roode with a crucifix. He then landed the brainbuster. Roode was able to kick out and the match continued.

    Aries hit a front Russian leg sweep and a knee smash. He went for a double underhook powerbomb, but Roode reverse it. Aries landed a running bulldog on Roode and scored the victory.

    Winner: Austin Aries

    The ending was very underwhelming. I expect to see a 20-minute match between these two on Sunday.

    I don't think TNA will be taking the belt off Aries just yet. Aries only had it for a month. If they want to take it off of him, they can do it at No Surrender. I think TNA's plan is to have a return match between Storm/Roode at Bound for Glory.


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    With the simulation complete, here's what WWE '12 predicted: Zema, Gunner/Kash, Anderson, Bully Ray, Styles, and Aries.

    My predictions are Kenny King, Chavo/Hernandez, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, and Aries.

    TNA will let the fans go home happy as Aries will retain his belt. This has the opportunity to be an awesome event. TNA has been on a roll as of late and it won't stop tonight.

    Like I said earlier, if TNA wants to make the BFG more interesting over the next couple of months, they need to not make it obvious who is going to win. Granted, they still have two more months for someone to come from behind and win, but the consensus is that Storm will win.

    Comment down below with your predictions on Sunday's event. 

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