NHL Trade Rumors: 5 Teams Still Asking About Bobby Ryan

Bobby KittlebergerCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2012

NHL Trade Rumors: 5 Teams Still Asking About Bobby Ryan

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    Bobby Ryan has made it into August as a member of the Anaheim Ducks, and as we get closer to the start of training camp and the preseason, it's looking more and more like it could stay that way.

    Is it possible that general manager Bob Murray has just been waiting for the Rick Nash waters to subside before he truly tested the market for Ryan? Sure. Although I'm willing to bet that the real problem with moving Ryan is that no one can justify Murray's asking price.

    If that's the case, then it's entirely possible that Ryan could be staying put, though if he does, it won't be because teams quit asking. It's probably safe to assume that after acquiring Rick Nash, the Rangers are out of the running, yet there's still an active market for Ryan, even if the time to make a move is running out.

    Here are five teams still asking about Ryan.

Boston Bruins

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    The Ducks need a second-line center, and there's certainly been talk about the Bruins offering up David Krejci in return for Ryan (via CLNS Radio). This is probably one of the more sensible options Anaheim would have, were it to follow through with trading Ryan. Hence, the Bruins will continue to be a viable option.

    Boston makes sense because it's got pieces to move and sending Ryan to Boston would mean the Ducks wouldn't see him very often in future games.

    However, as is true with most teams involved in the Ryan sweepstakes, the asking price would just be too high.

Ottawa Sentors

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    The Ottawa Senators were rumored (via Slam) to be interested in Ryan back in July, and even with the return of Daniel Alfredsson for one more season, they're a team that could use Ryan's scoring touch on the right wing.

    Sending one of their many left wing forwards in return for Ryan would make sense for both clubs, and since Ottawa was a late bloomer in the Ryan trade talks, it'll have a little more staying power than some of the teams who were interested earlier.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    With five players tallying over 50 points last season (even without Sidney Crosby for most of the year), the Penguins have some attractive options to lay out for the Ducks, were there to be an exchange.

    Since their 2009 Stanley Cup season, the Penguins have continued to be loaded with talent, yet have fallen short in the playoffs the last three seasons. Ryan could be the last piece to the puzzle for them, and if they feel strongly enough about that, they'll continue to keep an active dialogue with Anaheim until it's made clear that Ryan is off the market.

Detroit Red Wings

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    The Red Wings didn't have a 30-goal scorer last season, so being able to bring in Ryan, who hasn't missed the 30-goal mark the last four seasons, is a tempting option. 

    Losing Nicklas Lidstrom will set Detroit back both on the defensive and offensive front, and many believe that Detroit's days of being a consistent playoff team are coming to an end. Acquiring Ryan could very well change that, and if Detroit still sees an opportunity there, it should be making a pitch.

Philadelphia Flyers

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    Ryan, a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, left no room for debate when he clearly stated that Philadelphia would be his first choice if he were to be traded.

    The Flyers have pieces to move, and with the departure of Jarmoir Jagr, they could be even more interested in Ryan's services than before, so it stands to reason that both parties are still very willing to make a deal happen.

    The fact that it hasn't happened yet does indicate, however, that something has stalled. As is the case with most teams involved in Ryan trade talks, the Flyers just aren't going to be willing to meet Murray's asking price.  


    What now?

    If this continues to be a problem going forward, Anaheim's best option is probably just to keep Ryan and try to make nice. Even if it were to move him in the name of making cap room to re-sign Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf (who will be UFAs at the end of this coming season), the Ducks still aren't making much sense.

    Why? Because they currently haven't even spent enough to get themselves to the cap floor.

    Even if it's beginning to dawn on the hockey world that a Ryan trade might not happen, there will still be teams interested enough to make a pitch, I just wouldn't be willing to bet that any such pitch will ever be strong enough to get Murray to pull the trigger.