Marvin Harrison to Be Released; Jeff Saturday to Test the Free Agent Market

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 23, 2009

The speculation is over as the Indianapolis Colts will indeed release Marvin Harrison. Although the announcement is yet to be made public, it is expected that the official word will be out by Tuesday or Wednesday.

At the same time, the Indianapolis Colts have made an offer to Center Jeff Saturday.

According to Colts President Bill Polian, Saturday is now mulling over the deal. Since he has yet to accept the offer, it is likely that he will decide to test the Free Agent market to see if he could receive a deal elsewhere that might be more appealing.

Jeff Saturday's future is not set in stone yet. He still might chose to sign with the Indianapolis Colts when it's all said and done.

Marvin Harrison, on the other hand, will not be rejoining the Colts.

The announcement of his impending release will mark the end of his 13-year career in Indianapolis.

In that period of time, he has become the NFL's second All-Time leading receiver with 1,102 receptions, which trails only Jerry Rice.

Speculation has already begun regarding where Harrison might end up. At this point, it might be logical to see him end up playing in Philadelphia.

He grew up in Philadelphia and could potentially fit in well within an Eagles team that is in need of a quality receiving threat.

The only issue I could foresee happening would be if the Eagles (or any other team for that matter) are not willing to pay Harrison the money he feels that he deserves.

This was the issue in Indianapolis.

The Colts did not want to lose Marvin Harrison, but they did need him to take a pay cut so they could clear room in the salary cap.

The Colts could not afford to continue to pay Harrison the top dollar he commanded when his production was not reflective of what it once was.

Marvin Harrison, no longer to be a Colt.

Jeff Saturday's future yet to be determined.