What Kind of Contract Should the New York Jets Give Darrelle Revis?

Chris Dela RosaContributor IAugust 6, 2012

CORTLAND, NY - JULY 27:  Darrelle Revis #24 of the New York Jets works out at Jets Training Camp at SUNY Cortland on July 27, 2012 in Cortland, New York.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Since the beginning of the offseason, rumors have been swirling around the New York Jets and their crown jewel Darrelle Revis.  During the 2010 preseason, Darrelle Revis chose to hold out for the majority of training camp over a contract dispute with Mike Tannenbaum and the New York Jets. 

The negotiations took place at Roscoe’s Diner in Upstate New York and were documented from a distance by HBO’s Hard Knocks.  Towards the beginning of minicamps and OTA’s this season, the media began to report on another possible holdout by Revis.

Following his holdout in 2010, the Jets opted to give Revis a new contract to get him into training camp shortly before the start of the regular season.  Revis’ new contract was a $46 million four-year deal with a player option through 2016.  Revis’ intentions in his new contract were to make him the highest-paid cornerback in the league.  Over the first two years of his new contract, he got his wish by front-loading it so that he would earn $32 million.

Luckily for the New York Jets, Revis’ newest wish isn't to be the highest paid cornerback, he doesn't even want to crack the top 10 in 2012.  Revis’ new wish is to be a Jet for life.

"What do the Jets need to do in order to grant Revis’ wish?"

Darrelle Revis has been performing at an extremely high level since receiving his new contract in 2010.  His 2011 season was very similar to the way he played in 2009 when the name “Revis Island” first started to be thrown around, check them out below:

2009: 54 tackles, 31 pass deflections, 6 interceptions, 1 touchdown

2011: 52 tackles, 21 pass deflections, 4 interceptions, 1 touchdown (Source: New York Daily News).

If his production continues to remain at such a high level in 2012, Darrelle Revis will want to re-negotiate his contract once again. The Jets, who want to win a Super Bowl sometime soon, will have no other option than to try and lock up Revis on a long-term and lucrative deal. 

The one thing about sports and long-term contracts that everyone knows (especially in football) is that a player's career can end in moments. The Jets do not want to end up having to pay Revis tons of money, only to see him incur injuries over the duration of his career. 

With that said, the Jets will probably give Revis a new deal once again, and hopefully, the negotiating process does not conflict with training camp. The last time it did, Revis suffered a hamstring injury during the second week of the season.  Expect that new contract to be in the ballpark of five years, $60 million or more. 

A contract like this would keep Revis on the Jets through 2017.  It is more money than his previous contract and will roughly be the same as the contract Nnamdi Asomugha received from the Eagles during last year's free-agency period.

Asomugha is often categorized as the No. 2 cornerback in comparison to Revis, so it is only expected that Revis will earn more over the next few years.

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