UFC “Quick Break”: Benson Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar

Gregory Chase@FightersCreedCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2012

photo from mmaweekly.com
photo from mmaweekly.com

Whether you just have a short downtime during work, or don't want a lengthy breakdown, these “Quick Breaks” are for you. "Quick Breaks" are short breakdowns of upcoming fights. In a summed-up focus of strengths, weaknesses and variables; this will analyze what could happen in the fight, and end with this writer’s prediction. 

The UFC will return to the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado to put on UFC 150. Headlining the night will be a highly-anticipated rematch between the former UFC lightweight champion, and the man that took the belt away from him. Prelims will air on Facebook at 7:30 PM EST, followed by FX prelims at 8:00 PM EST that will lead into the normal 10:00 PM EST PPV. 

In the blue corner you have the former champ, Frankie Edgar. “The Answer”, come Saturday night, will have participated in the last six championship fights at lightweight, and hopes to get his belt back. After losing a decision and his title, Edgar feels he was dealt an injustice, and hopes to definitively put away his opponent. Edgar’s speed, movement and heart are what have brought the kid from New Jersey such success, and he will need it if he hopes on reclaiming the throne.

In the red corner you have the current champ, Benson Henderson. “Smooth” has been on a tear since arriving in the UFC, and his four-fight winning streak has rewarded him with UFC gold. His Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have served him well, and made even his decision-won fights exciting. He is determined to show that the first fight wasn’t a fluke, and that the up-kick from the first match wasn’t the only thing he had going for him.

If one thing can be said about both fighters, it is that they are both hard men to put away. Frankie Edgar has shown perseverance through taking beatings and being on the edge of defeat. Like Edgar, Benson Henderson has shown that he is a hard man to finish, and shows resilience to submissions and strikes.

This fight should be a war. Both men will likely respect the other’s skills and start off testing some waters. Once the second round comes, we will see who has learned the most from their last meeting. Because of the striking advantage of Henderson and the consistent damage Edgar seems to always fall victim to, the current champ may very well walk away with his first title defense.

Prediction: Benson Henderson wins via TKO in the second or third round. 

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