Fact or Fiction with the Latest New York Knicks Rumors

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIAugust 6, 2012

Fact or Fiction with the Latest New York Knicks Rumors

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    The New York Knicks have been the talk of the league this offseason with all of the signings and not-signings they have been involved with.

    The most surprising move of the entire summer was when the Knicks decided to let Jeremy Lin walk to the Houston Rockets and instead traded for Raymond Felton to be their starting point guard. No one believed New York would ever allow him to leave, especially Lin who told Pablo S. Torre of Sports Illustrated that he preferred New York even though he signed a deal with Houston.

    The first thing the Knicks did this offseason was re-sign head coach Mike Woodson. Most of the players praised Woodson as their head coach, so the Knicks decided to give him a three-year extension worth around $4 million per year.

    The Knicks were also able to sign a number of free agents to help the team improve from last season. They brought back J.R. Smith and Steve Novak, whose contracts expired after last year and added veterans Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby and Ronnie Brewer to the mix as well.

    Now the Knicks’ lineup is currently set with the maximum allowed 15 players under contract. A few of them are not guaranteed, and the Knicks still have the option of sending someone down to their D-League team though, so one or two spots still could be up for grabs.

    Here are the latest rumors surrounding the New York Knicks and whether or not they will actually happen. 

Carmelo Anthony Will Debut the Melo M9’s This Season

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    Fact or Fiction: Fact


    Carmelo Athony is currently signed with the Jordan brand and has his own Air Melo line. 

    Like the famous Air Jordans that everyone knows are numbered from one to 23, Melo’s shoes are also in a numbered order.

    The most recent pair released, and the shoe he is wearing right now during the Olympics is the Melo M8. These shoes come in a ton of different colors, including orange and navy blue for Syracuse and the Knicks and red, white and blue for Team USA. 

    Anthony will begin the 2012-13 season wearing the Melo M8, but according to Jared Zwerling of ESPNNewYork.com, he will be releasing the M9 in January of 2013. Info and a first look at Melo’s new kicks can be seen here on NiceKicks.com.

    If Melo is on fire during the first couple months of next season like he has been during the Olympics though, he should seriously consider delaying the release of the M9 so he doesn’t risk changing what’s been working so well for him. 

The Knicks Will Sign Josh Howard

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    Fact or Fiction: Fiction


    Josh Howard is currently a free agent and is expected to make his decision on where he will play next season very soon.

    According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the 32-year-old small forward will be choosing between returning to Utah and leaving for Indiana, Golden State, Brooklyn or New York.

    The forwards currently on the Knicks roster are Carmelo Anthony, Chris Copeland, Steve Novak, Amar’e Stoudemire, Kurt Thomas and James White. Four out of the six of those forwards primarily play the small forward position.

    For this reason, the Knicks should be looking to fill their roster with a power forward who can replace the aging Kurt Thomas as Stoudemire’s backup. 

    The last thing they need is another small forward who will be competing for a few minutes here or there.   

Iman Shumpert’s Rehab Is Going Well

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    Fact or Fiction: Fact


    Iman Shumpert is still recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee that forced him to miss the remainder of the playoffs last year. Shumpert is said to be targeting a January return, but now we are hearing he may be ahead of schedule.

    Sean Davis, a representative for Rogue Sports, which represents Shumpert, sent this tweet out about his progress. 

    This man @i_am_iman is a certified beast.....hasn't missed a day in the gym since getting injured! #nodaysoff #returnofshump

    — SEAN DAVIS (@SDot_Davis412) August 3, 2012

    Head coach Mike Woodson has even chimed in about how Shumpert is doing, telling Al Iannazzone of New York Newsday this, 

    “He’s still in his brace,” Woodson said. “He’s moving around awfully well. I’d like to say he’s ahead of schedule. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit too. He’s doing everything that’s asked of him in terms of his rehab. Hopefully he’ll be back on the floor soon.”

    Expect to see Shumpert back on the court sooner rather than later and as strong as ever.

Spike Lee, Brooklyn Native, Will Begin Supporting the Brooklyn Nets

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    Fact or Fiction: Fiction


    If you are an avid New York Knicks fan, you know Spike Lee is the biggest supporter the team has. 

    If you’ve ever been to a game, you’ve most likely seen Lee sitting courtside in one of his hundreds of different Knicks outfits that includes jerseys, sweatshirts, hats and even a blue and orange suit. 

    Lee is also a tremendous advocate of his hometown, Brooklyn, and features it in a number of the films he’s produced over the years. 

    Now that Brooklyn has its own team, Lee is constantly asked if he will be pledging his allegiance to the Brooklyn Nets as well. 

    Lee’s response to that question, no chance! 

    No, no and no. Can’t do that. Can’t. I am orange and blue, baby. Orange and blue.

    The Knicks may need to worry about the Nets stealing their thunder for the best team in New York, but at least they don’t need to worry about them taking their biggest fan. 

The Knicks Will Sign Kenyon Martin

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    Fact or Fiction: Fact


    The Knicks were interested in signing Kenyon Martin when he came back from China last season, but he ultimately decided the Clippers were a better fit for him.

    Now that the Clippers aren’t interested in bringing him back, the Knicks are once again looking to acquire the 34-year-old power forward.

    Martin signing with the Knicks makes a ton of sense for both him and New York. The Knicks need a back-up power forward for Stoudemire, and Martin already has familiarity playing on the same team as Anthony and J.R. Smith.

    The only thing preventing this deal from happening is Martin is not looking to sign for the veteran’s minimum, which is the only contract the Knicks have to offer him. 

    Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have many options. The Golden State Warriors were said to be the team most interested, but with their recent signing of Carl Landry it doesn’t seem likely for him to end up with them anymore. 

    Martin will most likely keep looking for a new home through training camp, but will settle on the Knicks’ minimum offer once he realizes that’s the best chance he’ll have at winning a championship next season.